Solutions for a Comfortable Pregnancy and Postpartum Period

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Pregnancy and Postpartum Period

Healthcare practitioners employ multiple solutions to meet their patients’ needs. Pregnant women and all pregnancy-related processes and procedures form a very narrow yet complex niche, and the technology is essential to providing the best experience and assistance. The system aims to reduce the likelihood of pregnancy and postpartum complications by tracking, analyzing, and resolving any potential issues.

Due to requests from existing users and customers, the Agiliway development team joined the project to assist the US client in enhancing the existing functionality of the custom software for future mothers. Additionally, the Agiliway team advised the client on system optimization, architecture, and other topics. In the post, we discuss the enhancements Agiliway implementing to the product’s current functionality and customer satisfaction.

Healthcare Applications are Highly Beneficial for All Stakeholders

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, digitization has become indispensable in numerous facets of our lives, including healthcare. Patients frequently seek medical advice so they can communicate with their clinicians without meeting face-to-face, thereby averting massive throngs and ensuring their own and their infant’s safety. In addition, customers can approach their healthcare service providers for additional guidance based on the stage of their pregnancy and receive all the pertinent information directly in the app.

Healthcare institutions also find virtual care products to be extremely useful. They may monitor and evaluate the popularity of user-requested processes or information. By utilizing analytical data, facilities or physicians can focus on the most popular services and consultations to attract more patients.

Ultimately, insurance companies also benefit from the available technology. It is common knowledge that the CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) code assigned to a procedure determines the amount that medical insurance will cover. Using the platform’s reporting system, they collect vital data on the number of women visiting a particular facility or healthcare provider, the types of requests they make, the medical support they receive, etc. In this manner, they may alter their policies to reflect the current state of the industry.

Project Tasks and Ways to Solve Them

We are working on several ongoing projects to improve the platform’s current capabilities.

  • Updating the authentication system and switching to a different service.

This issue arose because of escalating costs caused by a rise in the number of consumers, such as expectant women, healthcare providers, hospitals, and insurance companies.

It was difficult for users to simultaneously access two or more accounts in the same browser; they were required to opt out of one account to access the other.

  • Create a sophisticated reporting system to streamline the data-gathering procedure.

The client needed to simplify the report creation process since healthcare practitioners, clinics, and insurance companies were asking for more information about user behavior and in-demand data that is relevant to and of interest to future moms. The main challenge was to come up with a solution that would shorten the time it takes to produce a report while still providing accurate and succinct data analysis.

The solution is a complex network of interconnected devices, so it was crucial that everything functioned properly and was in harmony. Heart rate and blood pressure are two of the most important health indicators for an expectant mother, and they are closely monitored to prevent any threats to the mother or the unborn child.

In addition, depending on the stage of pregnancy, the website is an excellent informational resource for prospective parents. Its extensive resources provide the most pertinent and trustworthy information on topics such as the development and changes of the fetus, the best activities for a woman at a certain stage of pregnancy, lifestyle suggestions to make the entire pregnancy easier, etc.

Engineers from Agiliway took the following steps to implement the necessary modifications:

  • Switching to Keycloak

 By selecting Keycloak as an authentication solution, the user authentication procedure was streamlined. A variety of programming patterns and methodologies were used to ensure a smooth transition to the service. We developed a second microservice as a bridge between the system and an authentication service. Any login request is sent to this service, which then forwards it to the appropriate location. The microservice architecture is deployed on Amazon and utilizes many Amazon technologies, including a serverless framework for microservices organizations as everything is cloud-based. The authentication utility code has been moved to a different library so that the entire team can utilize it.

  • Developing a Reporting Attribute

Using a slicer service that generates a unique representation of the data (for example, statistics), only the data required for a specific purpose was sorted and prepared. For example, healthcare institutions and clinicians frequently inquire about topics that are popular with patients during specific phases of pregnancy. This will help organize and select the appropriate audience and content.

Also increasing is the number of insurance companies that have registered as site users. Using the reporting systems, they’ve established; these companies can collect information on the remedies and medical services women receive from their doctors. This not only attracts more business users to the platform but also enables them to modify insurance plans in a mutually beneficial manner.

At this time, Angular, GraphQL, Rest API, Dynamo DB, Countly, and Elastic Search comprise the project’s primary technology architecture.


The client focuses primarily on meeting the health monitoring and information delivery needs of expectant mothers and their infants. Efforts to improve platform functionality aim to provide superior online support. Pregnant women can increasingly find answers to all of their questions here, tailored to their preferences or pregnancy stage. To achieve this, we design products in a way that prioritizes user requirements and meets those requirements precisely.

The service benefits both insurance companies and healthcare institutions immensely. By creating a reporting system, they can monitor user preferences, and generate more timely data that will help them attract more consumers and more.

The Agiliway team works with the client to implement changes that will help optimize the system, thereby enhancing user experience, attracting more new customers, and expanding the scope of possible collaboration.