Noorani Qaida Online Classes For Kids and Sisters

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Qaida Fundamentals

The Noorani Qaida is the introductory book for learning Arabic, especially for not speaking Arabic as a first language. Every great thing starts somewhere. It all started and blossomed into something lovely that one time in life. Learning the Quran, comprehending its meanings, and reciting it fluently is among the greatest delights a Muslim may experience.

Though the Quran is unlike any other book known to man, its learning technique is relatively comparable to anything else and begins at the most fundamental level. Almost every school globally, whether online Quran schools or traditional Quran schools, begins their Quran instruction with this book.

The Noorani Qaida online course enables students to begin their Quran studies online using technology such as Skype. People can simply learn how to read the Quran by finishing their introductory Qaida online course with the help of online Quran teachers, which is especially good for children.

Classes For the Noorani Qaida Online Course

The fastest way to learn how to understand the Quran is to take Noorani Qaida Online Classes. Learning the individual Arabic characters, their sound, and their qualities are the first step. Then it moves on to vowel study (Fatha, Khasra, and Dhamma).

After that, the tutee learns Sukoon and Shadda to write each letter correctly. The student is given a few practise words from the Quran as exercises and tasks throughout the course. This course teaches students how to read the Quran in a short amount of time by using proper Tajweed standards.

Online Noorani Qaida Training

The rise of teaching and online Quran study has been fuelled by technological advancements and the internet. You can now perform Noorani Qaida exercises directly from your mobile phones, PCs, computers, laptops, or other devices.

It will be similar to taking regular classes but with a personal tutor. These types of effective and practical initiatives can benefit your children greatly. Online Quran Academy is also doing its part to assist Muslims worldwide. Muslims are encouraged to learn Noorani Qaida Online by Online Quran Academy.

Course Plan for Noorani Qaida Online Classes 

Students will include:

  • The basic precepts of Tajweed, which are required to read the holy Quran, were taught.
  • Capable of deciphering Arabic letters.
  • Possess the ability to pronounce Arabic letters with an appropriate and traditional accent.
  • Weekly homework with an exam.
  • A monthly progress report card will be given to them based on their performance, attendance, attentiveness, behaviour, instructor friendliness, and task completion.

The Following Topics Are Covered in This Noorani Qaida Course

The following is a quick overview of the course:

  • The Correct Pronunciation of the Arabic Alphabet
  • Compounds, Letters, and Joints
  • Consonants
  • Short vowels (Harakat)
  • Vowels with Long Vowels (Huroof Maddah)
  • Tanween
  • Vowels with a Soft Tone (Huroof Leenah)
  • Sakinah and Tanween at noon
  • Letters of Huroof Madd’ah o Leen
  • Raa’s Rules
  • Laam’s Rules
  • Qutni Qutni Qutni Qutni Qutn
  • Sakoon and Jazm are a couple.
  • Waqf is a type of Islamic trust (Proper Pausing and Stopping)
  • Correct Makhrj Arabic Letters

Why Online Quran Academy?

  1. The Holy Quran has been demonstrated to be the ultimate guide for humanity.
  2. It is our primary responsibility to learn and practise it and assist others in doing so.
  3. Keep this in mind. Online Quran institute provides a simple platform for learning and presenting the Holy Quran.
  4. As previously stated, Noorani Qaida is regarded as a vital component of studying the Quran with Tajweed worldwide.
  5. As it encompasses all of the fundamental concepts of Quran recitation and Tajweed. As a result, Online Quran Academy advises students to first learn about the Noorani Qaida.
  6. Your youngster will be able to read the Quran in Arabic without making any mistakes in a short period.
  7. It also features adaptive and knowledgeable programmes. The main goal of this organisation is to demonstrate to Muslims how simple and worthwhile it is to read and understand the Quran in a highly effective manner.

Course Duration – Noorani Qaida Online Classes

The length of this course is entirely self-paced, and it is determined by the students’ ability to comprehend the lessons.

The Following Are Some of The Advantages of Taking a Qaida Course:

One of the most significant benefits of taking the Basic Qaida course at Quran School is reading, recognising, and pronouncing the Arabic alphabet. As well as understand the basic rules and symbols used in the Quran and how to combine letters to form words.

This Noorani Qaida online course is vital for adults and children who are just starting their education and want to learn Quran online. This introductory Qaida course instils the required skills in students over Skype, allowing them to quickly learn the Arabic language, which is a tremendous skill. For those brilliant people who tend to go one step further in all their endeavours, this introductory Qaida course instils the required skills in students, allowing them to quickly learn the Arabic language, which is a tremendous skill.

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