List of 5 Dream Schools Stems For MBA in Australia

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STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM courses have gained popularity by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Moreover, there are fantastic job opportunities in this field. MBA equips students with the necessary business management, leadership, communication skills. MBA or Masters in Business Administration in STEM fields offers an incredible combination of technical and business management skills.

In conclusion, this combination of critical skills allows trained professionals to set their foot in the job market for a more extended time. Pursuing a STEM MBA in Australia will equip students with advanced science, engineering, technology, mathematics, and management skills. STEM MBA graduates can aspire to become technical innovators, and flexible and critical thinkers in the future.

Why Study STEM MBA in Australia?

  1. STEM MBA in engineering courses in Australia train students in IT and engineering. Being high in demand, IT skills offer fantastic job opportunities to STEM MBA graduates in Australia. 
  2. Around 5 Australian universities rank in the top 50 medicine courses in the world. Medical disciplines can range from front-line emergency management and research in medicine. 
  3. Career opportunities in Australia are expected to increase by around 12% in future years. Moreover, graduates specializing in the IT field have higher employability options. 
  4. Australian Universities are ranked 16th around the globe for veterinary sciences. 

Top 5 Dream Schools Stem MBA in Australia

MBA in Australia is one of the most sought-after courses globally. If going for STEM fields in MBA, you are gold. So, let’s dive deep into the top STEM MBA schools in Australia below:

  1. Melbourne Business School: It is one of the best universities in the world, established in 1965. It offers a STEM MBA with an annual tuitions fees of 87,820 AUD. 
  1. Australia Graduate School of Management: This is the most prestigious department of the University of New South Wales. This department offers STEM MBA with an annual tuition fee of 84,135 AUD.
  1. College of Business and Economics: It is one of the top 5 universities in Australia to study STEM MBA programs. College of Business and Economics charges around 74,000 AUD as annual tuition fees of the STEM MBA programs.
  1. La Trobe Business School: This school is ranked 4th among the top MBA schools in Australia. International students must pay an annual tuition fee of 68,000 AUD for pursuing a STEM MBA program. 
  1. Monash Business School: This school comes in the top 1% of MBA schools with triple accreditation in Australia. Monash Business School charges annual tuition fees of 68,000 AUD for its STEM MBA program.


STEM MBA programs are gaining popularity globally. Moreover, students around the globe are aiming to study in Australian universities for these programs. The growing job market, incredible job opportunities, and attractive salary packages are some of the perks making the STEM MBA programs in Australia a big hit. Students can expect to pay between 68,000 AUD to 87,820 AUD. 

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