Letterheads and Everything there is to Know About them

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A simple name card isn’t enough to identify you or your company with the growing business market. All written communications, internal or external, must be able to serve the purpose of identification as well. This is where the letterhead comes in.

What are letterheads

Before discussing digital letterhead printing, let’s talk about what letterheads are. According to the proper definition, it is the header present or situated at the top of a company letter. However, in simpler words, letterhead is a paper that has your and your company’s details. These details include logos, addresses, names, phone numbers, etcetera. 

What makes your letterhead more appealing

For your letterhead to be received with proper importance, it needs to be appealing to its receiver. Before choosing the right offset printing company in Singapore, you must create an appealing letterhead. We will take you through a short ride on how to make your letterhead look as appealing as one can be.

  1. Play with branding

Letterhead isn’t supposed to be simple and boring. It is supposed to be eye-catching and unique. The first thing you can add to your letterhead is your logo. Images always stick in the minds of the receiver. Branding your letterhead with your logo makes your letterhead more appealing. 

However, it doesn’t end there. As the sub-heading suggests, you can go creative with the branding too. Adding parts of the logo on a corner of the letterhead to form a complete logo with items like the name card is a distinctly unique way of branding. 

  1. Add a fancy touch to it

Digital letterhead printing comes with a few perks. It allows you to channel your inner artist into creating something mesmerizingly unique. Adding a touch of fanciness can take a long way in making your letterhead gain weightage and appeal. 

One example of fancy letterheads is edge-to-edge printed letterheads. Edge-to-edge printed letterheads leave no empty room on the sides at all. No matter where you look on the page, you’ll see colors that direct you to identify the company. 

Using metallic ink is a brilliant way to add that certain fancy touch to your letterhead. Making your letterhead feel fancy is all about being creative with the printers. Therefore, you always hire the best offset printing company in Singapore.

  1. The back side is important too

With digital letterhead printing, people often find the backside of letterheads to be of no use. However, designing on the back side of your letterhead shows how much effort you put into intricate details. Indirectly, designing the backside gives the impression of how hardworking you are. 

Even something as small as printing geometric patterns on the backside is useful. It shows your level of focus. You were able to make use of something that is always felt unimportant. 

  1. Get creative with directional cues

What are directional cues? They are unique indicators that point in the direction the reader is supposed to look at. Directional cues serve two purposes at one time. They help add a design element while helping information flow. 

Directional cues help the reader to immediately transfer from identification information to the written statements on the letterhead. Different offset companies in Singapore offer different ways to print directional cues.

  1. Watermarking

Watermarking is a unique way to vamp up your letterhead for digital letterhead printing. A watermark helps give the reader an unconscious reminder of the company by having faded initials behind the text. 

Just like the directional cues, a watermark is multi-purpose. Watermarks help provide subtle reminders to the reader, but they also add to the aesthetics of the letterhead. 

Watermarks are usually kept simple, allowing them to be easily conceivable. Commonly the company initials or the logo are kept as the watermark for the letterhead. Watermarks may come in black and white or may even be colored. The color scheme of the watermark is a user preference. 

  1. Letterheads aren’t just about headers

It is not a rule to use the header of the letterhead only. The footer can be utilized in extraordinary ways to prepare a good letterhead. Using the same colors utilized in the header, the footer can also be created to hold certain information. 

Adding information like phone numbers and email addresses in the footer allows the reader to read through the text till the end to get to the important information. This ensures that the reader leaves nothing important by skipping out on the lower end of the text. 

  1. Use a border

Having edge-to-edge printing is not the only way to cover the blanks left on the sides. Borders are a good unique way offered by the best offset printing company in Singapore, like ours.  

Creative, unique borders help develop a keen interest in the reader. Having the text engulfed in a uniquely designed and colored border intrigues you to read what is within it. This helps the reader to stay focused and read through the entire text. Hence solving the issue of skim reading. 

Why are letterheads important? 

Letterheads are items of physical marketing and official communication. They help deliver not only information but also first impressions to the receiver. For these reasons, it is important for the letterhead of a business to be the best it can be.

Concluding words

Digital letterhead printing is an art perfected by one printer. It understands the importance of a good and worthy letterhead. Therefore, here at the one printer, we put in all our hearts and minds to provide the best quality letterheads one can get today. We take great pride in saying that because of the results we have achieved, we are amongst the top offset printing companies in Singapore.

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