Kia Picanto Price in Pakistan and Features

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The fashionable, safe, and luxurious hatchback for your daily commute. For me, luxury entails a sense of security. As a result, I was equipped with five seatbelts, dual airbags, ISOFix child seat anchors, and anti-lock brakes. On September 14, 2019, KIA Lucky Motors released the much-anticipated 2nd generation of the KIA Picanto in Pakistan.

The KIA Picanto, the South Korean automaker’s first hatchback, is be available in two versions:

  • Manual and
  • Automatic

kia Picanto Price in Pakistan

The price of kia Picanto in Pakistan is different for both versions

  • Manual kia Picanto Price in Pakistan is 1781,000 PKR
  • Automatic kia Picanto Price in Pakistan is 1922,000 PKR

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Despite its spicy moniker, the Kia Picanto began life in 2004 as a somewhat bland-looking city car that was reasonably priced and well-equipped. The second iteration, released in 2011, capitalised on the Korean brand’s design renaissance, with renowned German designer Peter Schreyer (who also designed the original Audi TT) bringing the company’s product some much-needed Euro flare and legitimacy. The introduction of Schreyer’s tiger-nose grille, which had become familiar over time but was a radical appearance when it was originally presented, was a trademark gesture.

It’s a shame that more people aren’t aware of the Picanto because it brings a level of excitement to the tiny car party that few of its competitors can match. It’s a lot of fun to drive about town, and it’s also very practical for day-to-day urban life. If you take it further afield on longer trips, you’ll notice some of the car’s flaws, but it’s never been marketed as a long-distance cruiser. Although it falls short in terms of overall quality and performance, the car has a lot going for it, especially when making ordinary city driving less of a headache.

The Picanto line is impressively diverse 1, 2, and 3-spec cars are available, with the former starting at £10,995 and boasting power front windows, a USB port, and Bluetooth. When with most cars, the entry versions get the headlines with cheap, low costs, but as more of the nice stuff becomes available, the sweet spot is higher up the spec list.

About Verdict

Drivers will forgive a lot inside a car if presented entertainingly and cheap to run, as the Picanto has learned from the Fiat Panda. The Picanto is an excellent first car or runabout. It’s enjoyable, cost-effective, and appears to be a good value for money.

Perhaps we’re getting old, but with the GT-Line models marketed so blatantly towards younger drivers, we’d probably opt for the X-Line’ crossover,’ which loses none of the urban driving fun or a decent level of kit but does offer a somewhat more supple ride thanks to its lofty 15mm height bump.

The Kia Picanto is an excellent all-around vehicle, and recent updates have further added to its appeal.

How Do You Feel While Driving?

On paper, the Picanto’s sole engine option may appear sparse, but inexperience, it’s a fantastic little engine that complements the Picanto’s lively personality. Of course, if you’re in any kind of hurry, the GT-Line and GT-Line S models’ higher-powered turbo versions of the engine are your only options. In manual mode, the 66bhp motor handles 0–60mph in 14.1 seconds, while it takes 16.6 seconds in automatic mode. When you unleash the 99-horsepower beast, you’ll arrive in 9.9 seconds. Phew.

In real terms, it doesn’t feel quite so slow – after all, we’re not all drag racing – and the Picanto does its city car job admirably, with plenty of vigour for scurrying around town, the 3cyl motor keen to rev as long as you’re willing to put up with the noise. Kia has done a good job balancing the engine, and there’s little trace of the vibration that plagued early downsizing three-pots.

The Picanto is a great first automobile for people who are just getting their feet wet on the road or want to hop in and go. It’s easy to feel comfortable behind the wheel, and the driving controls are all thoughtfully laid out. The Picanto accomplishes its goal, but where similar cars occasionally go above and beyond – the Volkswagen Up and Hyundai i10, for example, are unexpectedly wonderful road companions – Kia’s abilities virtually end there. The weedier 66bhp Picanto runs out of puff and starts to fall back at city speeds. Driving on the highway and on the A-road is all about preserving momentum, and the slightly increased cabin noise does urge you to go at a more leisurely speed. Noise dampening is the domain of more affluent competitors.

So many vehicles these days are bloated and overweight – the Picanto’s low weight contributes to a lot of its driving enjoyment, regardless of which version you choose. The steering is precise, and the car has a fun chuckable feel that makes city driving enjoyable.

On The Inside, How Does It Look?


The first thing to look for in a Picanto is the number of seats you’ll need; only the X-Line variants have five seats, while the others are all four-seaters. It’s useful to know if you’re planning on giving four people a ride somewhere, though, like with any city car, the three in the back may not get along if you keep them there for too long.

The Picanto is reasonably priced, yet the inside does not feel cheap. Although some ‘durable’ plastics are inside, you never get the impression that Kia has scrimped on the cabin. Interior colour accents, sophisticated textiles, and the like become available as you progress up the spec list. The Picanto comes with an 8.0-inch ‘floating’ central touchscreen starting at 3-spec, which adds excitement to the dashboard.

The numerous small storage areas throughout the cabin are also handy, making it a more practical day-to-day proposition. Bottles will fit in the door bins, and there’s space beneath the central armrest and a couple of shelves built into the dashboard’s centre stack.

The button-to-dash ratio has been kept under check – in fact, most of them appear to have strayed over to the multifunction steering wheel, which is known from past Kias and is rather handy, preventing you from taking your hands off the wheel too frequently.

The Picanto has a ‘class best’ cargo size of 255 litres, which is quite good for a city car. It’ll take care of your weekly grocery shopping, but you won’t be offering to drive to the airport very often. With the seats folded down, the boot expands to 1,010 litres.

What Should I Expect to Pay?

On paper, the Picanto range appears befuddling, yet it can be broken down into manageable portions depending on your needs. Kia Picanto Price in Pakistan is given above in this article.

Do you only require one or three self-propelled chairs with weather protection and minimal operating costs? The entry-level 1-spec car costs £11,000, but if you lease it, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a new car that costs less than the base Kia’s £152 per month. The 3 with automatic transmission is the costliest of the three, costing £14,670.

The more substantial X-Line versions (X-Line and X-Line S, both with manual or automatic transmissions) cost £10–£20 extra per month to lease. Naturally, all of these vehicles are covered by Kia’s excellent seven-year/100,000-mile guarantee, which may be transferred between owners for as long as the warranty is still valid.

The sportier-looking GT-Line Picantos – the only vehicles with the fruitier turbocharged 99bhp T-GDi engine – are priced similarly to the X-Line cars, with prices ranging from £13,650 to £15,800 and lease rates starting at roughly £170 per month.