Important Check-Points To Know Before Your First Surfing Experience

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Important Check-Points To Know Before Your First Surfing Experience

Surfing is fun. It can be your best leisure activity. You have to be well prepared. Taking lessons in advance will prove helpful. Do not tend to surf if you are not a good swimmer. It is also important for you to take the best precautions. It is always best to begin surfing under the guidance of a good surf instructor. Your physical condition and mental condition have to be well balanced. Thus proper planning is essential.

The idea of enjoying surf activity should never be done randomly. If you are not properly trained, then do not take your chances. Surfing can be dangerous if you are new to this activity. So always check your skills with surfing, if you are not confident.

It is more effective to try and take a few practice sessions. This is important. This is essential even if you are good at surfing, but have been away from this activity for a long time. You can always try and be a part of the best Surfing Cabo San Lucas training instructor.

An expert will keep guiding you and polishing your skills at the same time. He can always offer you the best training to deal with difficult situations you may face.

Always arrange for a proper wet suit

All types of clothes may never be appropriate for surfing lessons. You may need proper clothes. It is best to look around for a quality wet suit. This type of cloth does not soak much water. So you are dry most of the time even when in water.

There is another benefit of the wet suit. Even if you are wet, you may not feel cold. During winters the water can be at freezing temperatures. To enjoy surfing you may need a proper wet suit.

How well you know the terrain?

The next most important point to keep in mind is that you should be familiar with the ocean terrain. The ocean bed may not be of the same depth in all locations. On the same shore, the depth will keep changing. Some beds may have rocky floors.

If the floor has reefs, then it is never safe to surf out on your own. This is why you need to be familiar with the ocean floor and terrain. You can speak to your surf instructor before you get started.

Have you mastered your swimming skills?

swimming skills

It is important to master your swimming skills before you can think of surfing in deep ocean water. This is important in case of accidents. If waves are high then you may lose the surfboard, If you are not a good swimmer then you may not be safe out there.

This is why it is important to test your swimming skills as well before you begin surfing. You can complete a few swimming lessons under expert surfing Cabo San Lucas instructor. Take a few lessons and then plan to surf on your own.

Do you have all the protective gear?

Surfing without proper protective gear may always mean you are risking your life. The ocean is full of dangers. There are high tides and sharks. If you are not well protected, you may end up in a dangerous situation.

This is never advisable. So before you go out surfing- alone or in your group, always ensure you have all your safety gear. You may need everything from a safety helmet to a suit and even gloves. Protecting your eyes is also important.

How long do you plan to surf?

Some people may want to spend hours surfing out in the ocean. Others may only want to enjoy this activity for a few hours. In both cases, you have to be decided. You have to plan accordingly. 

Based on this factor you may have to make arrangements. If you have been enjoying for hours then you may need to relax for some time before you can leave for your home. If you are surfing during the day, you may need to prepare a safe place to relax as well.

It is not possible to keep surfing continuously without taking a rest. So do plan things in advance. This is important for your safety.


Before and after each lesson it is important to wax the board. This will always ensure the board is in well-maintained condition. surfing can be dangerous if you are not taking proper care. If you are careless then you may face harmful consequences. You may also hurt yourself accidentally. So before you get started you should always ensure there is someone who shall be watching you.

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