Importance of SEO Friendly WordPress Theme and Design for Your Blog

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Nowadays, websites are ruling all forms of marketing. It gives 14 times more leads than social media. Do you know WordPress is the most popular content management system? It is the first choice of website designers! 

Any business design website to attract maximum visitors. An optimized website helps you come on the first page of SERPs. Most of the traffic doesn’t go past the first page of search engines.

Further, you have various options of themes to select from WordPress. These themes can make or break your website. Thus, it requires careful analysis for the best theme to choose. This post will cover the benefits of a WordPress theme from an SEO point of view.

The Importance of SEO-ready WordPress Theme

The foremost thing comes, why is an SEO-friendly theme necessary? New site developers think that they design the way they find it attractive. But, the point is it plays havoc with the SEO of the website. Till they realize their mistake, then they need to make a lot of changes. 

If you know the basics from the first step itself, it takes less effort later on. Let’s see how search engines work? It helps you devise the proper SEO strategy.

The search engine uses web spiders to crawl on the web pages. If a website doesn’t allow them to crawl, then search engines can’t index those pages. So, theme coding must enable spiders to crawl on the website. 

Other than that, these are the advantages of working with WordPress SEO friendly theme:

Give Enhanced User Experience

When a user visits your website, the loading speed of the website decides the user’s journey. If it takes more than 4 sec to load, users become irritated. And they leave the website out of frustration.

In today’s time, the internet speed is becoming higher with the inception of 5G connections. The higher loading speed of the website improves the customer retention rate. Google and other search engines consider it as a crucial ranking factor. 

So, a theme with more loading speed covers the basics and the first step of users entering the website. You can contact SEO experts to optimize your website and select an appropriate WordPress theme to suit your requirements.

Adjusts Well on All Screens

Responsive themes are the foundation of making your website mobile-friendly. Let’s say users need to zoom, pinch, scroll ever again to access the website’s content. Will he ever revisit the website? No. 

Responsive themes are tailor-made for all screen sizes. It can be a smartphone, tablet, iPhone, or PC. A person working on a PC needs to check for the updates on the website at home. A responsive website makes the journey easier for the users.

Moreover, more than 90% of the world population access content mobile-only. Tus, responsive themes can be a great contributor in expanding your customer base and reach in the market.

Schema Markup Generation 

Schema is the essential part of making users and search engines about the content. How does a search engine know a person mentioned in the text is the author? It is only with the schema markup. 

Schema markup provides rich content for the users. Some themes come with inbuilt schema markup generation options. You can create your schema depending on the type of website you have. For example:

  • Book reviews with the author, name of the book, reviews.
  • An event management company with event date, name, timings, the main attraction of the event, etc.
  • Artist portfolio like writers, photographers, video developers, and others.
  • eCommerce sale items with price, lightning deals, the latest model, and the like.

Built in Social Media Platforms

Social media is popular among people of all ages. But, they prefer one social media over the other depending on their age and occupation. So, themes must have built-in options for all the major social media websites. These are the famous social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Tik Tok
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

The theme must allow designers to put the link of their social media profile in the admin panel. In this way, users can access these profiles. Clients can see social media presence and latest activities and products responses through these profiles.

Website Architecture

The website’s architecture governs how many clicks it takes for users to reach on the home page. It must take a maximum of four clicks. It assists users in knowing where they are on the website.

How is website architecture necessary for SEO?

  • If the theme makes categories, then subcategories, then again subcategories, and so on. It will increase the crawl budget. Web spiders may be lost between the website and not able to come out. Thus, indexing will be complex, and your page won’t appear on SERPs.
  • Also, it will be difficult for users to locate their position on the website. And they won’t be able to make the right choice of products.


In brief, it is better if you know how WordPress themes can be best buddies for your website’s SEO. Besides what we have covered above, there are other important points:

  1. Check if the theme provides SEO plugins. It makes your SEO job even more accessible.
  2. Does it optimize your images and assign tags to the content?
  3. It must allow users to subscribe to your latest posts. In this way, users will get automatic notifications when they upload any new content.
  4. It must work well on all browsers.

So, when are you going to cross-check your SEO parameters for selecting a suitable theme?

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