How To Motivate Your Employees

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How To Motivate Your Employees

When you run a business, you’ll have a choice to make at some point. Either you continue to work by yourself or you hire people to work for you. There are pros and cons to each option, but if you want your business to really grow, the latter is the best choice; after all, you can’t do everything by yourself.

However, when you have staff to think of, there are additional elements you’ll need to bring into your business that you wouldn’t have to think of if you were the only one working there. It can be hard to remember everything but here are a few important points.  

Make Safety A Priority

If you had to work in an unsafe environment where no one took health and safety seriously, would you be motivated to do more than you were contractually obliged to (and sometimes not even that)? It’s unlikely; you would want to do what you had to do and then leave quickly.

Your employees are likely to feel the same way. That’s why you need to invest in health and safety and show your team that you are thinking of their comfort and making safety a priority. Some of the ways to do this include:

  • Buying bulk first aid supplies and ensuring all first aid kits are full
  • Offering training
  • Providing PPE
  • Providing the right equipment
  • Ensuring there are good sanitary provisions
  • Giving your team a rest area
  • Carrying out a risk assessment to ensure you understand where problems might lie

When you can do this, your team will see that you are taking care of them and they’ll be more motivated, knowing they are working for a good employer.

Trust Them

A great way to motivate your team is to trust them, and to show them that you trust them. When you can do this, their confidence will increase, and they will be much more comfortable doing their work, knowing you have faith in them. Even better, the staff member won’t want to lose that trust, so they’ll keep working hard.

This might seem like an easy thing to do, but although you will have hired them for a reason and you will have carefully selected the right person or people, it can still be hard for business owners to hand over the reins. You’ll need to be confident they can do what you need them to, and training is a big part of this.

Reward Them

Another way to motivate your employees is to offer a reward or incentive for a job well done. When they do something well or hit a certain target, you can give a ‘prize’ such as a monetary bonus, an additional vacation day, or a voucher for something, for example.

Not only will this show the team that you are willing to reward them if they do well, but it will motivate them because they’ll want to earn that reward. Although this might sound like something you shouldn’t have to do because your employees should be doing their job no matter if there is a reward at the end or not, if you want to be a good employer, that’s not the attitude to take. Rewarding people is the best way to get the most out of them.

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