How to Know Your Car Battery is Dying?

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Car Battery

New cars come with most electronic parts which seriously strains the electrical system and may make it difficult for the battery to keep up. Even safety features need battery power when the car is turned off. Of course, harsh weather conditions, whether hot or cold, might reduce battery life. In reality, car batteries just deteriorate over time. Every battery will eventually reach a point where it can no longer maintain a sufficient charge to start a car. That may manifest as a result of regular use, an existing leak, or corrosion on the connectors. You might need the assistance of towing company Calgary, while stranded on the road with the dead car battery. It better to have knowledge of car battery before any mishap. The ideal time to update your car battery is before it runs out of power. How then can you tell whether your car battery is getting dead? 

Check the Engine Lights

The test engine light can indicate a wide range of things, including the potential for the battery to be running low on power. Consult your car manual for information about the make and model of your car’s check engine light alert, and have your car battery tested to see if it’s functioning properly. Check your lights first. It’s possible that you unintentionally discharged your battery if the controls were left in the “on” position. Try to switch on the lights if the controls are set to “off.” Your batteries might not be the issue if they function properly. Your car’s engine may not be starting because of a bad starter or another issue.

The Engine Starts Slowly and Ignition Clicks

The final sputtering gasp before a battery dies is a delayed engine start. Battery parts will deteriorate with use, becoming much less efficient. The car battery will need more time to generate a charge for the starter as a result, and you will need to wait a few extra seconds for the engine to start. An automobile engine that won’t even start has a bigger problem than one that starts slowly. When the engine starts up, it will occasionally click repeatedly. This is a symptom that the battery isn’t supplying enough power.

You are Having Electrical Issues

The electronics in your car are all powered by batteries; check the list above. The digital components in a car will no longer function at full capacity if a battery is losing capacity. The typical indication that your car battery is having trouble is if your radio, heated seats, dashboard computer, or cell phone charger suddenly stop working as they used to.

Battery Terminals are Corroded

A battery that is weak or old may be the cause of a car that periodically won’t start. Take a look at the battery terminals by opening the hood. A white, ashy substance on the battery’s metals is a clear indication of corrosion when you look at your car batteries. Corroded terminals, the large and weak steel connectors at the top of the battery, can cause voltage issues and make it difficult to start your car. It’s necessary to call a professional from roadside assistance Calgary if they are frayed, have a white buildup, or appear to be leaking. Along with a new battery, you might also require new cables.

You can Smell Bad Odor

When you open the hood of your car, the smell of rotten eggs or sulphur can indicate that your car battery is leaking. This is a classic indication of a battery leak, which can be brought on by ageing, damage to the battery’s connections or case from the outside, or an internal short-circuit. The next step is to call for roadside assistance or towing company.

Battery Body is not in Shape

Your battery case will be forced to get strange shapes by extreme heat or cold. They can grow and bulge, which is very dangerous, or they might shatter and leak battery acid. Any automotive battery that isn’t rectangularly shaped needs to be properly disposed of.

Your Battery is OutdatedĀ 

Vehicle batteries typically last three to five years under optimal circumstances. Climate, digital demands, and behavior all have an impact on a battery’s longevity. It’s a great idea to err on the side of caution and get your battery performance checked often, especially after it has been in use for three years.

If you notice any of these symptoms or are unsure of how old your car battery is, replace your battery right now or call roadside assistance Calgary to help you out in any emergency situation. Many roadside assistance providers can do a simple diagnosis of your issue and, if required, jumpstart your car. They can tow you to a mechanic’s shop if a jump-start doesn’t work or you have a problem other than your car battery.

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