How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Pearly White

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How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Pearly White

Having healthy and pearly white teeth is key to our overall health and aesthetic appeal. We should be proactive in keeping our teeth as healthy and white as possible. We can achieve that in a few simple daily routines. Some of these routines are familiar, and you probably already practice them. However, there are probably some new practices that can help you maintain your oral aesthetics high. When our teeth are in bad condition, we tend to laugh and smile less, negatively affecting our self-confidence. This can, in turn, impact other aspects of our life, such as advancing in careers. So, keeping your teeth healthy and pearly white is of utmost importance.

Regarding the best practices, it would help if you started with maintaining a healthy dental hygiene routine. Regular visits to your dentist should follow. When it comes to food and drinks, you should eat a well-balanced diet. However, you should also avoid food and drinks that stain your teeth. To help whiten your teeth, you can resort to different DIY home teeth whitening techniques later. Keep reading to learn more about healthy dental practices. 

Maintain a healthy dental hygiene routine

Even though it might sound redundant to state it, maintaining a healthy dental hygiene routine is the first and most important step you should take. That sounds simple enough. Well, it is a complex issue involving several essential aspects. First of all, the teeth cleaning products you use. It should be a quality, soft bristle toothbrush, floss and interdental brushes. It would help if you opted for toothpaste that contains natural ingredients for most of your teeth brushing. Occasionally, it would help if you used a teeth whitening toothpaste. When it comes to regular daily routines, you should brush your teeth at least three times daily. Ideally, it would help if you brushed after each meal. And you should use floss or an interdental brush to clean gaps between your teeth at least once a day. It would be great to do it before bedtime.

Visit your dentist regularly

Regular visits to your dentist are implied, but we will mention them nonetheless. Going for regular check-ups can save you a great deal of potential dental issues as well as pain. Dental issues can be dealt with much more quickly and easily if you address them on time. While some issues you can notice, there are some that only a dentist can see or even foresee. That’s why it’s a good idea to visit your dentist at least once in six months. Choose a professional dental clinic that offers thorough and top-notch services, such as Church St Dental. It matters to whom you entrust the care for your teeth.

Avoid food and drinks that stain teeth

One of the biggest enemies of pearly white teeth is food and drinks that stain teeth. So, what exactly should you avoid? Red, white, coffee and tea are top of the list. Be mindful of consuming them as they can stain the enamel of your teeth, which is the outer shell. These are common everyday drinks, but they harm the colour of our teeth. Consuming too much of these, along with cigarettes, can turn the white colour of your teeth yellow or grey. And this is not attractive nor appealing. 

It’s hard to avoid them completely, but there is one thing you can do to prevent these stains from setting. Right after consuming these, brush your teeth. It will help a great deal in the prevention of stains. Pro tip: if you are consuming these outside your home, bring a travel-size toothbrush and toothpaste to keep your teeth neat.

Use DIY teeth whitening remedies

When it comes to teeth whitening techniques, there are two main types: in-office and at-home. In-office treatments are pretty effective, but they require you to visit your dentist’s office a few times, depending on your teeth’ condition and the technique used. It is also more expensive. However, professional at-home teeth whitening kits can also be used to whiten your teeth, even a few shades. You should consult your dentist about these.

Besides these, there are also DIY teeth whitening techniques you can do at home. For instance, you can use baking soda periodically to polish your teeth.

Eat a well-balanced diet

As there are foods and drinks we should avoid to preserve the colour of our teeth, there are also foods and drinks that are preferable and can even be beneficial for our dental health. These include fresh fruits and vegetables, especially watery ones like celery sticks and apples. They trigger and promote saliva production, which washes away bacteria. They can keep your teeth healthy and stain-free at the same time.

We should devote time to caring for our overall and dental health. In these cases, it’s always better to be pro than post-active.

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