How Office Refurbishment Can Beneficial for your Company?

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What is an Office Refurbishment?

If we see the current trend of innovations and creativity in Information technology, the offices are also developing to the next level in terms of creativity. Office refurbishment generally involves various activities from painting, decorating, and installing new items like posters or frames. It includes completing the restructuring of your current office interior space. The reconstruction part will cover new floors. Ceilings, walls, furniture, and windows mainly. The basic idea behind the refurbishment is to create a catchy workspace that facilitates a collaborative workplace for all your employees. Renovating your office in a cost-effective method is only done by refurbishment.

What are the Benefits of an Office Refurbishment?

If we analyze an employee’s life, a huge portion of his life gets spent in the office. It is important to improve the office’s surroundings and make it look trendy. If your workplace needs modernization, then office refurbishment is the best option. It is highly advantageous to your company as it will increase your office space and newness. Office refurbishment will promote your space as a productive workforce that will help create a good impression on visitors and clients.

Here are some of them:

  1. Increase employee satisfaction
  2. Helps increase productivity
  3. Convert your workspace with a modern and dynamic look.
  4. Create and optimizes space.
  5. Allows for advances in technology.
  6. Raise your brand image
  7. Create a good impact on clients and customers.

How do I know My Company Needs a Refurbishment?

You can analyze a few things in a company for refurbishments like outdated interior, sitting arrangement of staff, pantry area, or kitchen. As refurbishment does not mean only painting and decorating, but it goes along a handy process like restructuring. It includes changes in seating, kitchen areas, reception areas, boardroom design, and even your exterior area.

Signs that indicate refurbishment:

  1. Outdated Interior
  2. Space shortage
  3. Wants to rebrand
  4. Office looking tired
  5. Company culture evolved

How long does an Office Refurbishment Take?

If you plan to have an office refurbishment this year, you must think about how long it will take. As we all know, office refurbishment will impact productivity and the performance of your business.

An office refurbishment procedure will generally take around 6-15 weeks. It also depends on the office area and the complexity of the project.

The factors that affect timing and duration:

  1. Conditions and restrictions
  2. Design and planning
  3. Size and complexity
  4. Procurement and lead times

Can We Carry out an Office Refurbishment After Office Hours?

Yes, of course, there is always an option of refurbishing the office during working hours. It is not practical to carry on the refurbishment work during working hours.

Yes, if us working on your office refurbishment during working hours is not practical for you, then our team can carry out the necessary work during evenings and weekends instead. We will conduct a site survey and consult with you to find the best solution that works for you. To discuss your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact our team today!

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