How Do The Right Payment Gateway Help Your Brand?

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How Do The Right Payment Gateway Help Your Brand?

In the age of eCommerce and the internet, it is no wonder businesses are going online. The competition, therefore, is undeniably huge, especially in the world of start-ups. As a start-up owner, you find yourself constantly on your toes, ensuring your business fulfills all its requirements. You are constantly bombarded with unique challenges every now and then. The question remains: what should you do to ensure your sales are improved and revenue is increased? The answer lies in a solution that helps you attain your business goals. This is where payment gateway comes to the rescue for start-ups and SMEs alike.

Gone are the days when businesses used to solely rely on their brick-and-mortar shops to drive sales. Now we prefer to sit in the comfort of their home and make a purchase online. In such circumstances, payment gateway systems are much like a boon in disguise.

One of the biggest challenges start-ups face today is accepting payments. Most businesses find it challenging to:

  • Accept payment online
  • Integrate a payment gateway
  • Deal with poorly designed payment gateway checkouts
  • Keep customers from getting redirected to different payment pages

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway works as a channel between the bank, customers, and the merchant itself. For any business, customer experience and good user experience are the keys to success.

The choice of a payment gateway can significantly impact the customer experience of your online store. Therefore, you must choose the right one to ensure higher sales, increased revenue, and user experience.

There is no denying that if customers are facing difficulties in purchasing services or products from your store, they are likely to aim for an alternative. Anything that affects customer experience, be it lack of preferred payment modes, never-ending search process, or clunky menus, tends to increase the odds of knocking out potential buyers.

The payment gateway remains an integral part of the overall online shopping experience. However, if it is not reliable, challenging to integrate, or involves multiple redirects, it could very well add to the loss of sales and customers down the line.

The first step towards improved sales is realizing the fact that payment gateway has an impact on customer experience. Now it is time to determine how you can improve customer experience using a suitable payment gateway for your business.

Increasing Sales is All About Establishing Trust

It has been found that during the payment stage, many buyers tend to second-guess about the purchase. This stage is vital for businesses, where they need to take various factors into consideration. Since these factors have a significant impact on the customer’s buying decision, a single mistake could result in the loss of sales. Of all the many factors, the lack of a preferred payment mode seems to be vital.

Facilitating the popular payment methods for customers to accept payment can prove to be beneficial. Besides, it is wise to introduce saved cards for a quicker payment experience. In addition, you may also want to display information regarding payment security, such as PCI-DSS compliance, to gain buyers’ trust.

Customizing the Checkout Page

It goes without saying that your online store’s checkout experience should reflect your brand identity. In other words, introducing a checkout page that looks like it has your brand’s personal touch. You might not realize it in the first place, but it will help ensure a seamless payment experience for customers. Make sure that the checkout page compliments the theme of your brand.

Multiple Redirects During Payment, Repel Customers 

When it comes to improving user experience, numerous redirect pages may encourage annoyance and disappointments. Online shoppers may feel frustrated if you send them to multiple payment pages they are not familiar with.

What should you do then? Please switch to a payment gateway that helps you deliver a smooth shopping experience to your customers without having them visit various pages.

Simplifying the Signup Process 

Most buyers feel discouraged to buy from a website or application if the signup process is too complicated. Forcing potential buyers to follow a complex process seems intrusive and will do more harm than good, resulting in conversion loss.

Instead, let your potential buyers sign up with minimal effort, especially mobile users. Giving them the flexibility to complete the signup process through social media channels or Gmail accounts is how you ease the pain.

Ensuring the Best Shopping Experience is the Key.

As a business owner, your sole goal is to drive sales, and ensuring the best shopping experience is the way to do so. Whether you want to retain existing customers or are seeking new ones, providing an uninterrupted shopping experience is the key to drive sales and revenue.

Not only will you be able to earn a reputation, but it will also help you drive potential buyers and sales.

Today, driving sales is all about taking the customer-first approach. Thus, you will get that competitive edge by ensuring a smooth customer experience. PayKun offers you the scope to accept payments while improving your business’s overall performance. You have a host of features, including payment links, a merchant dashboard, an easy integration process, and a lot more.

We bet selecting the right payment gateway can help you offer a shopping experience that modern online shoppers yearn for.