How Biotechnology Can Change the Lives of People

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Biotechnology is the science that uses living organisms to make products. Biotechnology covers all aspects of life, whether the product is related to household cleaning or organs for transplant.

According to a professor at the Korean institute of science and technology, biotechnology will change human lives, and soon the time will become when biotech will be as typical as a cellphone. 

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What is Biotechnology, and how is it Impacting the lives of people?

Biotechnology uses different forms of technology to use other organisms to develop various products. For example, nutritional components, drugs and therapeutics, environmentally friendly chemicals, and biofuels can be produced through biotechnology. 

In the broader aspect, medical biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, and agriculture biotechnology play an essential role in our daily lives. Biotechnology is being used to mitigate the harmful impact of toxin fuels on our environment.

History of Biotechnology

People worldwide have been using biological processes to improve the quality of life for around 10,000 years. It started with innovations in the agricultural industry. About 6,000 years ago, people began using biological microorganisms to make alcoholic beverages, bread, and cheese.

 Moreover, they used it to preserve daily products. This was the old version of biotechnology. The new trend in biotechnology started with applications of cellular and molecular technologies in the 1960s and 1970s. 

The inexperienced biotech industry started to amalgamate in the mid to late 1970s. It was directed by Genentech, a pharmaceutical company established in 1976 by Robert A. Swanson and Herbert Boyer. 

They commercialize the recombinant DNA technology that was started by Stanley N Cohen, Boyer, and Paul Berg. The companies like Amgen, Biogen, Cetus, Genex, and Genentech started manufacturing genetically modified substances primarily for medical and environmental uses.

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DNA and Biotechnology

For many years, biotechnology has been joining DNA molecules of different species. This process includes merging the genes to get the valuable protein that helps produce human cells like mammalian, bacteria, and yeast. This also enhances the production of protein. In the method of merging a gene into a production cell, a new organism is created.

At first, biotechnology researchers and investors were afraid of whether the courts would allow them to get patents on organisms. The fact was that patents and organisms were not allowed on new organisms discovered in nature. 

However, in 1980, the U.S Supreme Court, in the case of Diamond v. Chakrabarty, gave the notion that human-made microorganisms are patentable subject matter. 

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After that, thousands of genetically engineered medicines have been introduced worldwide. This became possible through the version of growth hormone, the production of red and white blood cells, and clotting factors.

Biotechnology Applications in Medicine

Biotechnology has created many medical applications. Let’s have a look at some of them.

The Emergence of Recombinant Insulin

Diabetic patients use insulin to remove excess sugar from the blood. This is because diabetic patients have a shallow level of insulin produced by the body. So, they need external insulin to control blood glucose levels.

Further, it was investigated that pancreas of the pigs can be used by the human body. However, there are not enough pigs available to provide quality insulin. This resulted in the cloning of the human insulin gene. 

The specific gene was derived from E. coli bacteria. The sequence of gene-altered the composition of the E. coli cells. After 24 hours of E. coli bacteria, the merging genes produced human insulin. After that, insulin was isolated from E. coli.

Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy provides many solutions for genetic diseases. In this therapy process, the normal gene is inserted with the help of vectors like retrovirus, herpes, and adenovirus. 

The average gene replaces the inactive and defective gene. This therapy provides a hundred % cure if used in the disease’s initial stages.

Wrapping Up

The merging of insulin and gene therapy are the modern medical apps that came into existence after extensive research in biotech. Innovative applications with the help of biotech should be used with comprehensive care.

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