How anime approached a darker narrative to tell the tale of the Akira Jacket

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How anime approached a darker narrative to tell the tale of the Akira Jacket

Akira Jacket is a Slogan that speaks about depth!

The notorious movie from the 1980s has been a sensational anime movie. Akira is set in a sprawling, cyberpunk “Neo-Tokyo,” rendered in a notoriously painstaking work of animation. A total of 24 complete drawings were created for every second of screen time. Also, the winking cityscape contained windows as minute as half a millimeter. Through this empowering story, we follow Kaneda and Tetsuo, who are disaffected teens of a motorcycle gang.

The plot revolves around the story of the trio of light green wrinkly toddlers (clown-like creatures), as weapons quite literally crash a military project that plans to deploy telekinetic humans. This movie of the late ’90s features much like Netflix’s recent acquisition of Neon Genesis Evangelion, which is influenced. Whereas Akira’s thematic concerns are technological and nuclear fear and the trauma and rebellion of adolescence. In the midst of all this, Akira Jacket became the hope for change while the teens fought with the forces.

You’re surely missing out on ALOT

If you are unaware of the mind-boggling theme of this anime, then read it here. Akira grew from Otomo’s equally visionary manga, serialized in the pages of Young Magazine between 1982 until 1990. However, usually in Japan, manga comes out either monthly or weekly or bi-weekly, in a short 26-page issue, but Akira was different. Although it was a small, book-sized publication that we normally get when it was initially released. But the twist came into existence when the makers did it as a magazine-style, almost A4 size. The use of this size was to fill in the mind of the viewer with tons of details with intricate drawings.

Here is the reason behind the success of this Masterpiece

The success of the movie was guaranteed as the books were already a phenomenal success. The series’ revolved around the story of tortured adolescents. Which was designed specifically to attract a teen audience. This was indeed a major center of attention for the teen market that had not yet come around to manga previously. Moreover, each issue of the six-book series sold more than half a million copies with ease. While Otomo was offered the chance to make a film. He undoubtedly accepted the offer and turned it into a majestic feature. Whereas it must be noted that he was provided with the chance to take over complete creative control. Having this control provided him with the opportunity to explore his creativity on an unleashed level. Having said this, the movie proved to be an industry-changing box office smash in Japan.

It became an instant cult classic in the West. Considering the time of Disney’s second renaissance. This movie set the dynamics of the anime, which was also known as Japanimation. Considering that The Little Mermaid hit the screens of the viewers a year later. This defined the meaning of anime for the western world. This anime made its significance in adult cinema with its dark and violent narrative. The dynamics of the Japanese anima were defined after the immaculate crafting of this movie. However, the influence of this anime continued as we now have Inception, Stranger Things, even the video for Kanye West’s ‘Stronger, which are all derived liberally from Akira.

The reason behind the success story of this Anime

Without any exaggeration, we would like to put it out there that Akira has by far been the leading anime in the world since 1988. More or less, it has made the year 1988 a year of success for the Japanese anime industry. At the premiere of this anime movie, many non-natives in Japan were finally involved in the anime world, and the world was aware of this genre in an utmost spectacular manner.

However, the world is aware of anime now, and all credits for this go to Akira only. Apart from intriguing stories to captivating characters, there is one more thing that kept Akira the favorite. And it was nothing else but the costumes, Akira Red Capsule Jacket being the soul of the movie. People have completely fallen in love with the class that this jacket brought to the narrative of the movie. Moreover, if it wasn’t for these immaculate costumes, the movie wouldn’t have been able to reach the heights that it has now.

To all those people who haven’t watched the popular anime, it is missing out on an exceptional cinematic experience. If you are among those peeps who haven’t watched it yet, then go for it now, don’t think of this movie as an old and boring anime. Because even after three decades, Akira is more relatable than so many movies from today’s releases. Akira represented a futuristic world in Tokyo that featured every factor of the controversial world. However, this surely would not have been possible without the Akira Leather Jacket. The film features a world in Tokyo that emerged as a controversial state after getting wiped out by a boy named Akira. The state was facing as many problems as the majority of countries are going through at this time.

Be the Focal Point of the gathering

If you wish to have an outlook with an engraved meaning, then we would advise you to get your hands on the Akira-inspired costume. It is apparel that has a deeper meaning to it. Rebellious and dominant are few prominent meanings for this costume. However, if you think that it would get tricky for you to style this apparel, then throw your worries away. Because we are here to help you out in standing on your ground in the utmost dominant way. And who doesn’t want to do that?

Daunt your Inner hero at cosplay

Keep up your style for cosplay party’s top-notch with this popular layer. Although the color of this overwear is enough to make you stand out in the gathering. But if you wish to make the apparel dainty yet minimal, then get your hands on a black V neck tee, and similar skin fit jeans. Wrap this lookup by adding some chunky boots, and you’re all set to be the sensation for the evening.

Flaunt it with your Fellas

To pique the hype of this costume, style it with your fellas. Styling this outlook in this manner will give your outlook a defined feel by making your stance loud and clear. While you’re getting yourself an Akira Kaneda Jacket, make sure that you are aware of the idea behind this overwear too. Sport this apparel on your field trip with your peers and tell the world about your rebellious mind.

Bang it on the Parties

However, if you think that this outlook is restricted to cosplayers and theme parties only. Then we’re about to burst your bubble right here. How can you resist wearing this apparel with your casuals? The unique outlook and relishing feel of this apparel ought to make the wearer outshine. And if you sport this apparel on your dinner date or Saturday night party, then the attention will be your partner for the evening. Don’t fear experiments, as they are one thing that gives the person a margin to test and try various outfits. Moreover, pair this exclusive piece with a denim button-down shirt and black chinos to give the outlook a professional vibe.

Well, this was it for what we have stored about the infamous Akira anime. If you haven’t watched this movie as of now, then we strongly suggest you do that now. Because obviously, you are missing out on a lot of quality content, and we don’t want you to do that. We consider you our peers, and we strongly believe in engraving a caring bond with you. This is the one reason that we keep on sharing all the good things with you.

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