Here are 7 Kinds of Online Work Paid Hourly

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Online Work

Online work is paid by the hour. Anyone would want to do it, especially with Indonesia’s current condition, crawling and standing again after a long pandemic period. Everyone affected by the pandemic is starting to think about how to get their income back as before. Well, one way to earn money back is to do online work with payments received by the hour.

7 Types of Online Jobs Paid Hourly And Per Day

Nowadays, everyone can do work online. We are starting from young children to homemakers. How not? This job does not require having to leave the house. For example, a housewife. The mother does not need to leave the house when working online because they can finish their work at home while talking to their children.

Then what are the jobs that are paid per day and per hour that are done online? Here is the information.

1. Freelance Writer Jobs

The first online job that can get paid by the hour is freelance writing. Jobs like this are suitable for those who like the world of writing. If you have the ability, please try this online paid hourly work.

Many websites or website owners need freelance writers. Because they do not have time to publish content on their website or blog, they prefer to pay for the services of a freelance writer.

Usually, the blog or website accepts posts with various themes, such as health categories, online business, technology, smartphones, and many more. You can try doing this job while sitting back and enjoying a coffee at home.

2. Copy Writer 

The term copywriter is a popular term in internet marketing circles, and this mention is specifically for making promotional sentences that can attract other people to buy a product.

If you feel you can make a promotional sentence, then there is nothing wrong with trying this job. To do work as a copywriter, you can do it online. And this job includes online work that is paid every day. So you don’t have to wait for payday every month.

The payment for each job copywriter usually varies, depending on the product type and how many words and sentence lengths are used.

3. Doing Online Surveys

The third online job that can get paid by the hour is taking online surveys. Many sites offer jobs filling out these surveys. The survey service providers who issue these surveys usually provide surveys for large companies.

The rewards you can get from filling out this survey are pretty good. Therefore, if you are interested in taking this survey, please search for it using a search engine.

4. Online Jobs Paid Hourly By Doing Photo Or Video Editing Jobs

If you have a hobby of editing photos and videos, please try doing this hourly paid online work. You have nothing to lose because you can do a paid hobby.

So many tools that you can use when doing the editing process. Ranging from free to tools that can spend. What are you waiting for if you are ready to do this job? Immediately take the opportunity and get the rupiah coffers.

5. Work as a Translator

Especially for those of you who have foreign language skills, online work is paid directly to this one account you can try. This job does not require capital, and you can do it at home.

To get this job, you can promote yourself on social media or look for sites that require translation services. If you focus on this job, you might be able to generate enough income to meet your daily needs.

6. Graphic Design Services

For those who enjoy the world of pictures or illustrations, you can take advantage of a graphic design editor as a pay-by-the-hour online job. Graphic design services are still wide open for job opportunities.

Try promoting yourself on social media. If it’s sustenance, someone is bound to contact you and want to use your service.

7. Job As a Private Online Teacher 

With Indonesia’s condition not yet 100% recovering from the pandemic, not all schools activate their students to enter as usual, and many schools still arrange scheduled face-to-face meetings.

Well, this online work is very suitable for the current conditions. You can do work as a private tutor online. Before teaching privately online, you should get approval from both parents of prospective students.

You can use video calls for teaching. But if you can do it face-to-face, that’s even better. Because usually, doing face-to-face directly can help children understand the lesson.

Those are 7 hourly paid online jobs that you can do from home. Hopefully, this information is helpful and can be your reference in finding a part-time job to fulfill your life needs.