Health Insurance For International Students In the UK

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Students love to study at international universities. They move to developed countries for higher studies. They learn new skills for a better future. They want to go where great minds of the world study. Almost 4,85,645 students from different countries study within the UK. Taking care of people’s health is a priority for every country. The UK government also has serious concerns about health. They don’t allow students to take admissions without insurance. So before going to the UK, make sure you have health insurance. The UK government provides free health services to its people. International students have to take insurance facilities for health services. You have to pay £470 per year for taking this facility. Students spend this amount when they apply for a visa. It should be noted that students are not allowed in the UK without taking health insurance.

NHS (National Health Services) of the UK

NHS is the health care department of the UK. After paying the insurance fee, students can avail of medical services. These include emergency services, doctors, and dentists. Students with pre-health conditions learn about the NHS. They should discuss whether NHS will cover their medical expenses or not. If NHS does not meet these expenses, students have to take private services. Students have to take their previous treatment records for future treatment. People from EEA and Switzerland can get insurance from EHIC. Without EHIC, you are not going to receive services.

Entitlement for Services

It is important to understand who is eligible for the services. Students can receive services while being enrolled on a full-time course. They also pay insurance fees with their visa application. Students who receive scholarships from the UK government can also receive these services. Because they are studying at the expense of the UK’s government. The government bears all their expenses, including the ones related to their health. Students of the country that have an agreement with the UK can also receive these services. People whose husbands or wife is a students in the UK can receive the services. Someone who is dependent on a student within the UK can also receive these services.

Services in the NHS

The UK has one of the best medical services in the world. People from different countries visit the UK for health services. Students who pay a large amount for insurance must also know about it. We share important services that are available for UK students. These medical services are highlighted as follows;

Pharmacy Services

Students can go to a nearby pharmacy in minor conditions. Medical experts are available to help them. They can suggest medicines for common illnesses. They have five years of experience with medicine. You can consult with them without taking an appointment. If they think you have a serious issue, they will recommend you to a doctor. For example, a patient visits for fever-related medicine. If signs show something serious, they refer that patient to the doctor. They provide many services, including urgent supplies of medicine. They even guide about the usage of the medicine prescribed. They can treat patients with colds, pain, flu, and other minor medical problems. They can also give treatment for asthma, diabetes, and blood pressure.

Visiting a Doctor

You can visit doctors for health issues. They give you the treatment as well as prescriptions. They also give health advice. They can refer you to other doctors or services if needed. They are professional people who love to help you. Students can make an appointment and share health issues with them. If students need special services, they recommend them to other doctors. For example, they refer students to psychologists for mental health.

Mental Health

Students can also receive mental health services. Most of the time, it requires a referral from the doctor. Students can refer themselves if they face drug-associated, or psychological problems. They also receive services to deal with stress. Your doctor may tell you about the mental treatment. They can also refer you to someone else for these services. Doctors treat you one-to-one, or in a group. You can choose a service provider yourself. You can search for services from the NHS website. You can also compare when it comes to selecting what is suitable for you. There are many people that need mental health-related services. Most of the time, this service is not available on an urgent basis. It is important to highlight that students can receive these services in under 18 weeks.


Students also receive emergency services. This service is available when a person’s life is at risk. The UK has people that deal with situations in an efficient manner. Emergencies can include scald, chest pain, breathing difficulty, and others which require immediate treatment. NHS helps in dealing with urgent medical problems. There is also an urgent treatment centre that is different from emergency ones. Students can visit that to get the services they need. Student visitors don’t receive services. This is because their health services are not covered under the NHS program. Some universities provide health facilities for visitors. They can also receive first aid in case of an emergency.


Students from all over the world come to study in the UK. During their stay, they need basic facilities for life. Health services are a basic need for everyone. International students can avail of these facilities by taking health insurance. But students have to pay a large amount for insurance fees. They pay this amount before going to the UK. Students can use the best health services in the world. They can also take private insurance for services that the NHS doesn’t cover. Health services are also available for a student’s spouse. NHS doesn’t provide services to the students’ visitors.

They can take different types of medical services. Students visit the pharmacies nearby for minor illnesses. They receive treatment and suggestions for taking doses. For serious health issues, they can receive the services of doctors. Doctors give prescriptions and health advice. They can also refer them to other doctors. Services for mental health issues are also available. Health services are also available in the case of an emergency. International students have to pay fees with their visa applications. Otherwise, they may not get admission to UK universities.

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