Five Interactive Ways to Retain Learners in an Online Course

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The eLearning sector is going through substantial changes that have increased competition. An engaging online kids classes environment should be the first thing a learning management system can achieve.

One of their most frequent complaints is that adult learners’ LMS courses are dull. A learner is more likely to cease interacting with your course material or drop out if bored and disengaged. Because they need to get the knowledge for which they enrolled in the course, this can be a significant issue for both you as the course author or corporate trainer and the learners.

The good news is that you can increase the interactivity and engagement of your learners’ online classes. Here are five strategies to keep learners interested in and committed to your training program until the end.

How to include interactive elements in your online courses:

1. Transform abstract ideas into illustrations:

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are included by new-age trainers in their interactive courses. These technologies make the training more exciting and enable real-life scenario-based learning for new trainees’ work upon onboarding. Including music, video, and other forms of multimedia is no longer acceptable.

2. Offer chances for flexibility and reflection:

While engaging online courses are necessary to keep students interested, they also need to give them time to pause and consider what they have learned. An eLearning platform offers the convenience of always having access to learning materials from one location, even on mobile devices.

A WordPress LMS plugin provides the eLearning framework. Everything you require to create, host, market, and distribute courses is provided.

3. Maintain two-way communication:

The finest feature of online learning environments is the ability to communicate with other students and instructors at any hour of the day or night and continue studying. You may develop a community of learners via the use of online courses. Through the integration of social media platforms, LMS offers interactive learning environments that enable individuals with diverse interests from across the globe to come together to discuss and exchange ideas on various subjects. Trainers may use polls and surveys, online forums, and social media platforms.

Trainers may use chatbots on WordPress LMS websites to provide customized messages and maintain a two-way dialogue.

4. Monitor progress:

A trainer can regularly administer examinations in an online classroom, much like a teacher would in a real classroom, to gauge how much the pupils have learned. You may test your knowledge on previously covered topics, or you can find skill gaps and discover potential leaders.

Using a learning management system (LMS), you can easily create tests and polls. Additionally, a trainer may decide when the exams should go public, compute the results independently, and provide a report for upcoming certification.

5. Make training more engaging and game-like:

When students actively participate in the learning process, they retain more information. Therefore, including interactive activities in your corporate training sessions is a great way to make the learning process more enjoyable for your hybrid trainees while also assisting them in understanding a topic more quickly.

Make room for engaging puzzles, clever, thought-provoking games, decision-making challenges, situational judgment exercises, and other activities that will help students hone their problem-solving and decision-making skills and expand their horizons. Students are motivated to do better when they are recognized for their hard work. The pupils will be kept on their toes, and you will foster healthy competition. Thanks to an LMS’s gamification component, you may develop a reward system with scoreboards and leadership boards.


As a result of their often hefty text content, online courses are less engaging for students. The interactive strategies listed above will keep students interested in an online course on an LMS, which will help you solve this issue.

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