Exploring Europe’s Most Iconic River Journeys: From Danube to the Rhine

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There’s something special about river journeys. They offer a chance to slow down, take in the scenery, and really connect with the natural world. And Europe is home to some of the most iconic river journeys in the world. From the Danube to the Rhine, these rivers wind their way through some of the continent’s most beautiful countryside and historic cities. Here are just a few of our favourite European river holidays. Bon, voyage!

The Danube River – a journey through history

Europe is a continent steeped in history, and the Danube River offers the perfect way to connect with Europe’s past. Connecting 10 countries, Europe’s second-longest river gives travellers an incomparable river holiday experience that follows the footsteps of some of Europe’s most iconic historical figures. Mark Twain described it as “the gamiest stream this side of the Garden of Eden,” while many claim they can feel Europe’s inheritance as they cruise along its banks. Plenty of activities are available along this iconic river journey, making it suitable for all ages and allowing everyone to explore Europe’s past in their own unique way.

The Rhine River – a fairytale journey through the castles of Germany

Europe’s Most Iconic River Journeys wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Europe’s Rhine River. Sail through fairytale-like castles and escarpments of the majestic Rhine Valley, and let the still waters carry you away to a realm of European history and culture. The currents will take you from one magnificent, towering fortress to another -from Rüdesheim in Germany all the way north to Coblenz, making for a truly remarkable journey that no Europe explorer should miss. Get ready for an unforgettable trip; buckle up for Europe’s most scenic river holiday!

The Elbe River – a peaceful paddle through the Czech Republic

One of Europe’s most iconic river journeys awaits those who travel along the Elbe River in the Czech Republic. This tranquil paddle is the perfect blend of nature and culture, with lush vegetation, vibrant wildlife and quaint country villages set against the backdrop of picture-perfect waterways. With options to kayak or canoe through this tranquil scenery, exploring Europe’s like-no-other landscapes has never been easier – and more peaceful! And although many visitors come to soak up the peace found along the meandering Elbe River, it would be remiss not to book one of the many guided tours which operate in this area; exploring Europe’s oldest wooden churches or uncovering layers of history; there are so many wonderful experiences on offer waiting to be discovered.

The Thames River – a classic river cruise through London

Europe’s most iconic river journeys always include the Thames River and a cruise through London. A trip along Europe’s longest river is a classic way to explore all that the beautiful city has to offer, from taking in breathtaking views of London’s landmarks – the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben – to exploring some of Europe’s finest riverside pubs and teahouses. Whether you prefer a tranquil journey passing through quaint villages, or something more high-powered on an open-top speedboat, there’s plenty to keep guests entertained as they navigate Europe’s greatest river. With some of Europe’s most breathtaking scenery along every stretch of its bank, a trip along the legendary Thames River promises adventure, relaxation and fun – and memories that will last long after the boat pulls into port.

Which river journey will you take next?

Europe presents some of the most iconic river journeys in the world – explore Europe’s legendary waterways and historical sites with a holiday dedicated to Europe’s majestic rivers. From the Danube and Rhine to the Elbe, the Douro or even Italy’s stunning Po valley, take your pick from Europe’s most beloved rivers and sail away into an unforgettable adventure. All of Europe’s great rivers are lined with spectacular scenery that offers breathtaking sights while cruising along their riverbanks. Experience local customs and culture with every docking as you sample Europe’s culinary delicacies on board. There is something truly special awaiting your journey on Europe’s most iconic river holidays – so which route will you take next?


For an unforgettable journey, take a look at our selection of Europe’s most iconic river holidays and get ready to experience the best that this continent has to offer. Every route offers something unique – so don’t miss out on your chance to explore Europe’s greatest rivers and historical sites in style and comfort! From luxury cruising to active canoeing, you’ll find the perfect river holiday for any European explorer. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip today and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

Europe’s rivers offer something for everyone, from the history lover to the fairytale enthusiast. No matter which river you choose to travel next, you will surely have an unforgettable experience. So start planning your trip today, and don’t forget to add a stop at one of these iconic European river journeys to your itinerary. And with the ETIAS visa waiver in 2023, there’s no excuse not to!