Exosome Therapy – Hair Loss Treatment

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Exosome Therapy – Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss may be difficult to accept for many people as many of us see thick hair as a sign of attractiveness. However, when men and women begin to face hair loss or thinning hair, it lowers their self-confidence. Every year, billions of dollars are spent on hair loss treatments, many of which are ineffective and even potentially harmful.

There are many medications for hair loss treatment that include hair transplant surgery and laser therapy. But in recent few years, a new increasing treatment option has shown effective and successful results for encouraging hair growth, Exosome Therapy is an exciting and effective treatment method for hair loss.

Exosomal Hair Loss Treatment: 

Exosome therapy uses regenerative medical techniques to help hair growth. The exosomes are extracellular particles that cells naturally release. These particles help the cells to communicate with each other and affect their function or behavior. Exosomes play an essential role in cellular communication and rejuvenation, which keeps them healthy.

Even though an Exosome is not a cell, it provides a critical role in helping the cells communicate and instruct them on how to act. Exosome therapy is an innovative procedure that encourages hair growth and “wakes up” sleeping hair follicles.

There is no surgery, pain, or downtime associated with Exosomes Hair Loss Treatment. Specialists recommend multiple injections or treatments to help you achieve optimal results.

How Does This Therapy Works?

Exosome injections produce a rich source of biologically active growth factors at the injection site. However, unlike PRP, Exosome injections do not need to draw a patient’s blood or administer anesthesia to the treatment area. It is a more effective hair restoration treatment with more consistent results without causing inflammation.

As such, Exosome therapy is indeed a compelling form of stem cell therapy to reduce hair spilling and fight against hair loss.

The exosomes have more than a thousand signaling proteins and promote many functions such as:

  • They are highly concentrated and tiny particles that work wonder into the body.
  • Exosomes help to stimulate hair follicles growth.
  • They also enhance the function of white blood cells to reduce inflammation.
  • Exosomes do not have a nucleus and DNA, so Human Body accepts them.

Who is a Good Candidate of Exosome Therapy?

It is a very beneficial therapy for patients that do not like invasive and painful surgery. It is suitable for men and women of all ages. This therapy can be utilized in the early and later stages of Hair Loss. You might be a good candidate for Exosomal Hair loss Therapy if:

  • You have a pattern of baldness
  • There is a need for additional treatment after PRP for hair transplant
  • You have generalized thinning of hairs
  • Anyone wants to increase their hair
  • You want non-invasive and non-surgical hair restoration treatment

Cost of Exosomal Hair Loss treatment:

The cost of Exosome Hair Loss treatment is lower than hair transplant surgery and it costs about $5,000 per treatment.

However, the cost may vary from one practice to another and even one patient to another in the same practice. Treatment must be performed every 12 to 18 months to maintain healthy hair growth.

Advantages of Exosome Therapy:

Exosomal Hair loss therapy is a non-invasive and pain-free treatment that offers many advantages;

  • It helps to heal damaged hair cells
  • It stimulates the growth of new cells
  • It is a non-surgical and painless Hair restoration treatment
  • It costs less than hair Transplant
  • It is FDA- approved treatment, and there is no risk of hyper-inflammatory responses.

However, the results of Exosome therapy depend on genetics, age, and the amount of hair loss involved. The full benefits of treatment will be visible after several months.