Disability Support at Your College

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When it comes to disability support, you want to make sure you are getting the best services possible. There are many resources available at colleges, but there are many other organizations that can help. Here are some suggestions for resources in your area.

Palo Alto College

Palo Alto College offers a variety services for students with disabilities. The college provides academic advisement, equipment, note-taking services, and more.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact Disability Support Services to request services. These services are coordinated by DSS staff who ensure students receive the support that they need. It is important for students to know that they don’t have the obligation to request these services.

Some of the common accommodations include scribes, alternate reading materials, and testing modifications. These services are free. Instructors receive a letter of accommodation stating the accommodations a student has access to.

In addition, the college will offer assistance with notetaking, alternative formats for exams, and alternative test-taking locations. This will ensure that students with disabilities care brisbane do not have to miss out on their education.

Students with learning disabilities might also need adaptive equipment and software. A computer that can speak to text is available to students who are unable or unwilling to read text.

Students with hearing impairments should attend a hearing class. Students with hearing impairments will need to communicate with the interpreter.

Students with disabilities can also access the college’s transition to work program. This program is designed for students to gain employment skills and prepare them for job placement success.

The college also complies with Section 504 under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The college has curb cuts and accessible facilities to ensure that all services can be accessed.

Lehigh Carbon Community College

The Disability Support Services department at Lehigh Carbon Community College provides comprehensive support for its students. LCCC has a Schnecksville campus, a satellite campus, in Allentown, and online campuses. Students with disabilities can face a variety of challenges, from sensory impairment to chronic health problems. LCCC strives to provide equitable access to all its programs and campuses.

In addition to a robust student support service, the college offers a number of programs designed to help students succeed. This includes a two-year associate degree, a workforce program, and credits for study at regional technical and career institutes. The college also has a slew of academic and athletic scholarships for students with disabilities.

The collegiate partnership category is a winner with the Millersville University-Lehigh Carbon Community College partnership. This partnership is the first in the Lehigh Valley. The agreement will be signed by the school’s administrators on Monday, signaling a growing relationship between the two institutions.

Millersville’s Integrated Studies Program is a promising venture. The program, which was established in 2014, integrates young adults living with intellectual disabilities support melbourne into the mainstream classroom and student clubs. It also offers social and recreational activities. With the right support, these students can become independent and successful members of society. Integrated Studies is a worthwhile investment.

The LCCC’s Disability Support Services office does its part by providing a wide array of resources, including a state-of-the-art adaptive equipment center, a student support specialist, and a wide variety of free services. There are many opportunities to learn from professionals who have real-world experience in areas like accessibility, student success, disability, and health services.

Seminole State

Seminole State College of Florida welcomes you to meet with the Disability Support Services office (DSS) upon your admission. This will help you get the academic adjustments that you need.

You must have current documentation about your disability before you can apply for DSS services. For example, you might need to submit a letter from your doctor that describes your medical condition and explains why it affects your academic performance.

Your DSS staff can help you identify and remove obstacles in your coursework. DSS will provide assistive technology designed to ensure your access to materials and services. Regular meetings with your DSS representative will be required.

The Disability Support Services will give you a list with approved course substitutions. These lists are subject to change as needed. However, you cannot substitute a course if its content or structure has not been compromised.

You can also request a waiver from a graduation requirement. To request a waiver, you must explain why you did not meet the requirement. If you have a medical condition which affects your graduation, you can also request a substitution request.

After you have met with your DSS representative, you can submit a Request for Academic Adjustment form. A committee will review your request. In most cases, you will be notified in writing within two weeks of the committee’s decision.

You can also reach out to the Registrar for assistance. DSS will notify your instructors if you submit a request.

DSS will also keep your records secret. The DSS will not release your information unless you sign a release, or if the court orders it.

Long Island University

The Learning Center at Long Island University provides disability support for all members of the LIU community. This includes students, professors, administrators, and success coaches. It also collaborates with other Long Island University departments to ensure equal access to all programs and services.

All students who seek reasonable accommodations will need to complete a Request For Accommodations Form. The form is available from the DSS office. Upon receipt, the DSS office will contact the student for an intake interview.

The DSS office also offers a list of evaluation sites in the area for individuals with disabilities. A professional staff member will interview students and offer suggestions and documentation.

If the student is in a wheelchair, a wheelchair accessible bus would transport him/her around campus. The bus will not run on weekends and holidays.

The Learning Center also offers a wide range of resources and educational strategies for students with disabilities. This is a free service offered to all LIU students during the academic year.

The American with Disabilities Act is a federal law that was passed in 1990. The act prohibits discrimination based on disability. If you are a military veteran or if you have a physical disability, you may be eligible for a number of generous education benefits.

Another example is the infamous, “Forever GI Bill”. This federal education benefit benefits active and reserve military personnel. The grant amount can vary depending on the student’s financial needs. It can be as little as a few hundred dollars to as large as four thousand dollars.

Another important component of the Learning Center’s support system is the Academic Resource Program. The program provides strategies and tools for students with ADHD, autism and other mental disorders to improve academic performance.


The CUNY disability community offers a variety of programs to support students. CUNY offers a range of innovative support programs to students with disabilities, including academic coaching and residential services. Students with disabilities who use CUNY’s disability support services get higher grades and better GPAs. They are also more likely to continue college than other students.

CUNY LEADS (Linking Employment, Academics, and Disability Services), is a comprehensive program that aims to get students with disabilities involved early in their college career. The LEADS Team uses a holistic approach to identify the needs of students and develop a plan for addressing them.

Using Project REACH, a campus-wide initiative, CUNY LEADS empowers students to overcome their disabilities and become employed. Data shows LEADS students have a greater chance of completing college and achieving employment rates than students without disabilities after three years.

The CUNY Disability Scholars group includes scholars from all fields, career levels, campuses, and disciplines. This informal network fosters collaborations between scholars from across the university and shares common interests. Members include junior and senior scholars, as well as those with new interests and emerging expertise. Members meet to discuss research topics throughout the year.

The CUNY Disability Studies Network consists of a group of scholars who are committed to advancing disability studies. It welcomes scholars from all CUNY colleges and universities, as well as adjunct and graduate faculty. Some of its members are distinguished full professors, Graduate Teaching Fellows, and scholars with emerging interests.

The Learning Disabilities Project is a CUNY-wide initiative that helps students with learning disabilities to understand themselves. The project provides trainings to staff, offers evaluations, and supports the development of self advocacy skills.

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