Dell vs HP 2021: Things You Should Know Before Buying

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Dell vs HP 2021 Things You Should Know Before Buying

Dell or HP laptop is likely to be your first choice when shopping for a brand-new laptop. The pros and drawbacks of Dell or HP laptops are crucial to understanding the differences between the two companies. So, we’ve put up a review of Dell vs HP laptops to spare you the time and effort of doing the research yourself.

Quick Tip

If you simply work, talk on Facebook, and occasionally view films, you may not need to spend additional money on a gaming laptop.

Background of Dell and HP Companies

Hewlett-Packard Company (HP)

Hewlett-Packard was formed in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. An audio oscillator was the first device they developed, and Walt Disney was one of their first clients.

In 1966, HP introduced the HP 2116A, their first computer. To sell a modern computing computer system, HP began marketing it in 1969. In the 1970s, HP released numerous computers, including a handheld calculator and the HP-35.

Best Hp Laptops

Dell Inc.

A college student named Michael Dell founded the company in 1984. By the 21st century, it was one of the world’s largest computer companies. When Dell went public four years after the company was founded, its shares sold for $8.50 each, raising $30 million in its first public offering (IPO).

Best Dell Laptops

Let’s Find Out Which Laptop Is Better (Dell vs HP)

Dell and HP are both significant players in the laptop industry. Neither HP nor Dell is inferior to the other. As a result, several criteria might help us decide which is superior, Dell or HP. These are outlined in the following paragraphs.

  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Graphics Card
  • Display
  • Battery
  • Range of Laptops
  • Customer Service


CPU and processors are the most critical factors when comparing laptops. Processors are built-in chips. The system’s output is processed faster, which reduces the amount of labor required and eliminates lagging. The type of processor used has a direct impact on the system’s efficiency. AMD Ryzen and Intel are among the best CPUs. Intel Core i9 CPUs are the quickest. Dell and HP both provide both. Dell’s fastest CPU is the Precision 7730 when equipped with Intel, and Dell’s XPS 13 when it’s equipped with an Intel Core i7. Intel’s 10th generation core H series is the newest CPU.

Processor Comparison of HP vs Dell

Dell’s CPUs are, on average quicker than HP’s.Even though HP laptops have powerful CPUs as well, but on average, they are a little slower than Dell laptops.
The 10th generation Intel core CPU is the quickest processor in dell’s lineup.Intel mobile Pentium III at 1 GHz is the newest CPU available in HP laptops.


Ram saves the application’s space every time it is accessed. RAM, also known as Random-Access Memory (RAM), is a type of computer memory that gives applications the freedom they need to run smoothly and efficiently. A Ram may be classified into two categories Static Ram and Dynamic Ram. Determining how well a program performs on a laptop is also closely related to the amount of RAM available on the device. For example, you may choose between 4 GB and 128 GB of RAM. A gamer or someone who utilizes large programs will need additional RAM compared to the person who uses a laptop for just surfing and movies.

RAM Comparison of HP vs Dell

Regarding RAM, Dell has always been on top.HP also provides the best RAMs in their laptops
Dell provides RAM range from 4 GB to 16 GB and also allows upgrading them.Similarly, HP also provides a good range of RAM to choose from 4 GB to 16 GB which can also be upgraded. 

Graphics Card

To improve laptop rendering performance, everyone wants a high-end graphics card, whether a gamer, student, or professional. An excellent graphic card provides good rendering speed. Two leading companies offer good graphic cards:

  • Nvidia
  • and AMD

Graphics Card Comparison of HP vs Dell

Most of the gaming laptops of Dell have 6GB graphics cards like G3 3500.Graphics cards of HP laptops are excellent; HP provides all types of graphics cards like 2GB, 4GB, 6GB.
Regular Dell laptops have average graphics card memory of 4GB.HP 15-BE002TX is one of HP’s laptops with a 2 GB graphics card. HP Pavilion 15-AU134TX has 4GB of RAM; HP Pavilion Core i7 9th Gen has 6GB of RAM; HP Omen Core i7 9th Gen has 8GB of RAM.


The display needs to be flawless to see it clearly. If you have a higher graphics card, but a lousy monitor affects the display quality. Display quality, touch functionalities, and display size are also considered when comparing dell vs hp laptops. The usual laptop size is 13 to 15 inches with a resolution of 1280 x 800 dots. IPS and Amoled are high-quality displays.

Display Comparison of HP vs Dell

As far as display technology is concerned, Dell has always been a formidable competitor.HP also manufactures a charming display, like Dell.
Dell Inspiron i5748 has a 17.3-inch LCD with a 1600×900 resolution.HP’s most giant laptop is the HP ENVY, which has a 17.3-inch screen.


One of the most critical aspects to consider when comparing Dell vs HP laptops is the battery life. Every laptop buyer, regardless of brand (Dell or HP), will thoroughly examine the laptop’s battery before purchasing. No one will be seen walking with a charger in their pocket all the time. It’s pointless to have a laptop with great functionality but lousy battery life. A battery should last two years on average. The laptop’s battery backup is also impacted by the laptop’s age and how much the battery is used and recharged each day.

Battery Comparison of HP vs Dell

Dell’s batteries typically last 18-24 months on average.The HP battery lasts between two and four years on average. HP also utilizes a lithium-ion prismatic battery with a 50% charge time in 30 minutes.
The Dell laptop’s battery has the advantage of not being overcharged.The battery life of an HP laptop is unaffected by excessive use. It’s okay if you forgot to unplug it, but using it might cause the battery to deplete too quickly.

Variety of Laptops to Choose from Dell vs HP

Dell has a considerably more comprehensive selection than HP. Dell also makes offers continuously. Even if they don’t have much money, some people attempt to purchase laptops to meet their demands. Dell has the situation under control. Dell offers a wide selection of laptops from which customers may select the one that best suits their needs. 

HP also has a beautiful range of laptops. It also provides a more comprehensive range of laptops to select from.

Customer Service

Almost everyone who owns a laptop is familiar with this fact. When it comes to providing excellent customer service, Dell leads the pack. They provide a greater variety of services than the competition. Outstanding sales and after-sale service are both provided. Besides Dell’s servicing all year round, you’ll get 24-hour customer assistance. HP has a helpful website to post your issue, and an HP specialist will respond with a solution.

Which One to Choose Dell or Hp

To make an informed decision, we must go deep, especially when evaluating something remarkably similar. There were several parallels and contrasts between Dell and HP, and Hp won in certain areas while Dell won others. Dell, as an example, provides excellent service and customer assistance. In contrast to it, HP has superior capabilities. Dell’s design, display, specs, and lack of heating concerns are all clear advantages. However, we can also see that HP offers an excellent battery function that should not be overlooked.

So, before making a decision, we must be crystal clear on the level of quality we desire in a laptop. If we’re looking for good features and long battery life, HP is the way to go. Otherwise, we may choose between Dell. Since every coin has two sides, and we should consider them both.

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