Delivery Service Marketing Tips: What Businesses Want to Hear

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Delivery Service Marketing

When working closely with a marketing team, there are some suggestions you might want to pay careful attention to. These marketing specialists make it their business to know how to reach a given audience based on what they want to hear. However, you might be wondering exactly how they know what anyone ‘wants’ to hear about businesses and services they are looking for.

Actually, that’s exactly how they know! They analyze data in terms of the most commonly searched for key words and phrases. When it comes to businesses looking for a shipping partner or delivery service, there are a few key search phrases most commonly employed. Can you guess what they are? You might be surprised, but maybe not. After all, we all just came through the past three years so there is no surprise what today’s businesses are truly looking for.

Avoiding a Breakdown in the Supply Chain

If you guessed this, you are 100% correct! Today’s businesses are tired of disappointing their customers because of an all too common disruption of the supply chain. Products just weren’t getting where they were going timely, and most of that was the result of Covid-19. Although it is no longer in pandemic stages, there is what is being referred to as a tridemic (influenza, RSV, covid) this winter which is yet another worry they have yet to face.

Businesses looking for delivery or shipping services want to be assured that they can track their shipments to avoid costly delays. Actually, it’s an easy fix from your perspective because you can search for a “Mobileye installer near me” to have state-of-the-art tracking installed on your entire fleet. That’s what you market! You can assure your clients that their merchandise can be tracked minute by minute on its journey from their warehouse to its final destination. What a great marketing tool in today’s world where supply chains are still fragile.

Tools for Safe Driving in Commercial Vehicles

Another thing today’s businesses want to hear about delivery and shipping services they are considering would be what fleet management has done to ensure fleet safety. Two of the key tools today’s merchants want to be assured of would be Collision Avoidance Systems and mandatory driver safety courses.

A Collision Avoidance System can be installed at the very same time as that tracking system mentioned above and actually, tracking may be a feature in the Crash Avoidance System. Also, even drivers with a CDL should keep up with advances in technology and driving hazards. Companies that require recertification in safe driving courses, at company expense, are looked at favorably by businesses seeking to contract their services.

Assurance of a Safe and Timely Journey

In the end, a marketing team can do much with everything you’ve done to ensure a safe and timely journey of their merchandise. While they do care about the safety of your drivers, your clients must protect their bottom line. Anything you can do to show them that you are right there with them in terms of a safe and timely delivery may be that one element within your marketing strategy that puts you miles ahead of the competition – no pun intended.

If your marketing team suggests you equip your fleet drivers and vehicles with these tools, then that’s something you might want to hear. Not only will you be protecting your investment, but you will also be assuring potential clients you can help to protect theirs as well. It’s a winning marketing strategy all the way around.