Decision and Strategic Changes Applied by the Ministry of Education UAE 2021

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Education UAE 2021

In the past five years, the ministry of education of the UAE has adopted such strategies that promote the attainment of education within the UAE for national and international students. Moreover, the trend of getting higher education within the UAE among its national students has increased due to positive steps taken by the Government of the UAE to implement such reforms in the educational sector. This procedure of rapid implementation of those reforms aims primarily to provide a high quality of education to the Emirati locals. Ministry of Education UAE has formulated the progression method towards the enhancement of basic educational infrastructure.

The influence of those educational policies can be observed to the present day all over the UAE. Academic grooming, career counselling, the importance of pre-schooling, and higher-level studies have been emphasized to establish a stable labour market and to produce efficient professionals in the general employment sector. The Ministry of Education UAE named those strategies “Ministry of Education Strategic Plan 2017-2021”. The vision of this plan is stated as:

 Innovative education for knowledge, pioneering, and global society

The purpose of this innovation is to construct an educational infrastructure that leads to maximizing the international social competency and, in that way, engaging all the students belonging to various aged sections to fulfill the upcoming requirements of the job and labour market. The ministry of education UAE will be drawing those futuristic and stable outcomes in the long run by providing excellent resources to the local and foreign clientele.

Teachers are the primary deliverers of these reformation strategies. It is indeed said that first! Train the trainers. Many teachers’ training programs are introduced, and trained instructors and trainers are hired to prepare the untrained and unskilled lots for the futuristic employment and professional market demands. Their level of skill and professionalism must meet the predefined international standards.

H.E. Hussain Ibrahim Al Hammadi well said: “The development of the education sector is one of the most important goals of the SDGs. Therefore, providing education to all members of society is one of the key instruments for achieving that objective.”

Taken From: Quality Education in the UAE

These development and reformation strategies are implemented by the Government and the private educational sector. Variation is part of the change towards betterment that involves modernizing the academic vision and broadening the pupils’ minds. Only well-qualified teaching staff can groom the pupils’ minds. The policies induced are highly sophisticated and methodological. We will discuss further some of the guidelines in this article.

a. The significance of critical access to the development of knowledge and expertise.

The importance of attaining professional expertise in this modern era is far from the old-school conventional way of instructing in terms of method of knowledge delivery. The natural resources are subjected to end one day, but the knowledge and skills have no boundaries.

Human innovations have extracted the art of developing knowledge and skills and renovate it with the advancement in its form. Today we are exploring the sky because the nurturing in expertise has made us capable of doing so. Petroleum will not last long, but the knowledge and the skills will remain forever. The ministry of education UAE has enforced the policies that will enhance the reformation of the educational way in the broad perspective of skill development and knowledge acquisition so that sustainable economic trends could be achieved regarding the local employment and job market.

b. What is the method applicable to enhance the quality and capacity of the pertinent skills?

As per the strategy, UAE has planned to utilize its workforce by engaging employers in embedding and restructuring the crew’s skills development and educational enhancement schemes. Different sectors of Government and commerce have to fulfill this task in cooperation because it is directly relevant to their future of sustainability. By anticipating hands-on skills training programs, internships, on-the-job training, or apprenticeship, the government organizations and private sectors can obtain what they are planning to get, which is sustainability in the future.

c. Making it affirm that the training schemes are fulfilling the qualifying and desired standards.

To ensure the high quality of skills development and relevant training provided by the employers, the check and balance of quality control and monitoring are necessary. The training facilities must be adequate and well suited to the currently in international trend standards.

The UAE has achieved its targeted goals in the educational and skills training sectors by implementing the strategies discussed above. Already, it is a business hub, but in few years, UAE will become the learning hub as well due to its successfully designed educational policies. Learning and teaching is a gradual procedure that takes time to reach a level that meets high standards. You can learn more about the policies and strategies designed by the ministry of education UAE by reading different articles and essays on this topic. If you need an essay like this one, you can try the Cheap Essay Writing Service. They will write for you a standard quality essay with prices that is within your reach.