Curtains or Blinds Points to Consider Before Deciding

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Curtains or Blinds Points to Consider Before Deciding

In this article, we will talk about curtains and blinds. Almost every time while selecting upholstery many people get confused about whether to go for curtains or blinds. Because blinds are in trending in today’s world. We do hit consistently with confusion regarding selecting curtains and blind selection tips and tricks.

So, in this, we will try to answer out all the questions about curtains or blinds. We will start with curtains; we are used to curtains since our childhood. Blinds are a relatively new concept in residential interiors. It’s been a while since blinds are being used in residential places, initially, blinds were used only in commercial and Institutional spaces.

I think most of you have spotted blinds for the first time in commercial spaces like offices. Nowadays there are various types of blinds that are extensively used in hospitals, irrespective of what the length of your window is, one can have curtains installed easily.

Size of The Window

But as the blind fabric is available in standard width, for example, 7′ Say if Your window size is 8’ and your blind is available in 7’ then you won’t go for a 1’ blind next to a 7’ one. They won’t look good & it won’t be feasible.

You will put it up in equal parts of 2 or 3 depending on the length of the window. Or even more than that depending on the window size. Suppose you go for 2 equal parts; the top edge/end fittings touch each other still a gap will be formed between the 2 blinds; this is what bothers.

You can’t achieve 100% blackout if 2 or blinds are used. So, if you go for blinds length of the window matters.

Look and Feel

Now let’s talk about the look and feel. As I said in the introduction Is your house and taste minimalistic? At times some houses are neutral but colors are added in the form of curtains and cushion covers. If you are not one of them and you want everything simple and want your window coverings to be subtle and less attention-grabbing, then definitely go for blinds.

Blinds can provide a clean finish and clear lines. But in terms of curtains, they have a wavy fall shape which looks pretty at the same time heavy. If you like the minimalistic style you might not like those, in that case, go for blinds.

You can create a niche in your ceiling so that the blind when opened are not visible and you have a clean look. If you are fond of minimalistic style, you can still go for curtains with plain, simple, linear patterns, translucent sheer especially the plain white ones look beautiful.


Now let’s talk about privacy, say you have a living room or any space looking into a building on one side and an open area and great view on another half. Say a beautiful mountain range. or there is no building close to your window, in that case, if you can go for curtains.

If you are in a room that has a nice view outside and you want to look at the view, want to have light and ventilation installing curtains can allow you to draw the curtain half and enjoy the view.

But in blinds do not provide that option, as blinds mostly are going up and down there is no scope of part screening in most of the blinds.


If we talk about accessibility in French windows, with a balcony or a terrace say an accessible seating area outside in a veranda, I would suggest going for a curtain as we can easily slide it aside and move from one space to other.

In blinds you can’t lift it and go; it’s inconvenient. One has to roll it up and only then move to the other space.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Let’s talk about cleaning and maintenance curtain fabrics are heavy at times some sheer curtains with delicate work which can’t be machine washed or bucket washed and want to dry clean only.

Generally, the curtain is bucket washable, it is convenient to go with machine-washable curtains. Otherwise, you may have selected and stitched a delicate sheer or a particular fabric curtain that needs dry cleaning.

Even our house helps know how to remove and fix a curtain. On the other hand, blinds are a bit tedious to maintain and clean. If in your house you have an area like an office or a study room, where windows are hardly opened and AC is extensively used, the presence of dust will be less you should go for blinds.

Now a day’s home office is a new normal, and every homeowner wants to include a home office setup. So, one should go for a blind in such a space. Blinds need in place/ position cleaning by a sponge. It’s a bit tedious.

If you have kept the window open or the mosquito screen is open, and the blinds are down, it keeps on ballooning and the bottom rod keeps on hitting the window frame. An irritating sound may disturb you. Curtains also form the balloons but there is no sound

I hope the above points have cleared the question bobbling up in your mind regarding what to choose between curtain or blind for the window treatment.