Choosing the Right Tile Colour for Your Room

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Tile Colour

There are so many tile colour options available for you to choose from in the market that it can be quite a confusing task to choose a colour, especially because the sheer number of options can be quite daunting. Choosing the right colour depends on many different things including your personal style as well as the size and the layout of the room. Different rooms have different requirements and it is thus recommended to choose a tile colour wisely. Some colour combinations for a room may look drab while some may look amazing. If you find it extremely difficult to choose a single colour, you can also choose two colours. In fact, there are multiple benefits of using two colour combination for bedroom. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best colour combination for your bedroom or any other room.  

How to choose tile colour for your bedroom 

Colour Wheel

Instead of choosing a random colour for your bedroom, it is ideally recommended to choose a colour according to taste, the colour wheel, and various similar aspects. A colour wheel has a fixed set of colours. This wheel can be used to browse as well as match the colours and see which ones are suitable for you and your needs. The choice of colour depends on the purpose of the room. For instance, bedrooms should have a calm tone whereas a study should have colours that are conducive to work. By choosing neighbouring colours according to the colour wheel, you can create a well-put-together look. There are many best colour combinations for bedroom

Room Size

The size of the room also plays an important role in deciding the colour of the tiles that you would want to install in the room. Light-coloured tiles can make a small room look big. They can make the place look spacious and big. Light-coloured tiles are also recommended for guest bathrooms and narrow hallways.

In a kitchen, with an open floor plan you can choose dark tiles which will make it look bold and rich. Dark colours go well with big areas. 

Type of Tiles

There are different types of tiles and each type is suitable for a particular space and place. It is recommended to choose glazed ceramic or stain-resistant tiles in places such as bathrooms, countertops, kitchen walls, etc. As bathrooms and kitchens are mostly exposed to a lot of moisture and humidity, ceramic tiles can prove to be beneficial. These tiles have a low water absorption rate and can stay good for years. 

The texture of the Tiles

Some textures are better suited for certain parts of the house than others. Areas that are prone to dirt should have densely textured tiles to prevent the accumulation of excess dirt and dust. Terrazzo tiles with embedded stones and marble can not only look good but also prove to be quite functional in this area. You can install these tiles in hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Dark colours are suitable for these rooms. There are many bedroom colour combination ideas that you can choose from. 

Compact Places and Colours

Certain compact spaces in your house are present in very tiny areas of your house. These spaces can be quite cosy, small, and comfortable. These places should be decorated with special tile colours and combinations. A unique or bold colour combination would not only look good but will also reflect the area well making the space look comfortable. Tiles can also be used to make the area stand out. Experiment with all you want in this space and let your creativity fly freely.

Colour Inspiration for Any Room of the House

Here are a few tile colour ideas that can work throughout your house.

Colours Inspired by Nature

Yellow and earthy tones are great if you want to create a room that is inspired by the colour palette of nature. This colour palette has become quite popular recently and can look amazing with plants. It can improve your well-being and can help you connect with nature. 

Nature-inspired colours include earth tones such as reds, greens, browns, yellows, etc. You can also choose colours inspired by the ocean such as teal, blue, turquoise, aqua, etc. 

Colours That Boost Creativity

If you want your creativity to flow freely, choose colours such as blue. According to an experiment by the University of British Columbia, the colour blue can promote communication, trust, new ideas, and efficiency. According to another study by the University of Munich, the colour green is supposed to boost harmony and balance.

But inspiration and creativity are highly personal and the colours that boost your creativity might be different than the colours that boost the creativity of other people. So, choose a colour according to your personal taste and requirements. 

Colours For The Illusion of A Bigger Room

Some shades can make a room look bigger and more spacious. These shades include pastel colours, white, grey, light neutral, soft black, pink, etc. These colours can be used to create a stunning and spacious room. The lighter bedroom tiles colour is ideal for any room that you want to make bigger. 

These tips can be used to select the best colour combination for bedroom. But ultimately, the choice is in your hands and it is for you to decide which colours to incorporate into your design aesthetics.