Can an Employment Agency Help You Find a Job?

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Employment Agency

Having your resume on hand is one thing, but it’s quite another to have the most effective resume possible. Even if you have great experience and qualifications, if your resume isn’t compelling or formatted properly, you might as well not even bother applying for jobs. If you want to work with an employment agency in Brampton that can help you make sure your resume is the best, then contact HRCraft today!

If you’re underemployed or underpaid

If your career has been stagnant for some time, it might be time to consider switching careers or seeking new opportunities with a staffing agency. The problem isn’t that you can’t find a job it’s that it’s not offering enough opportunities to achieve your goals. Staffing agencies work with companies in all industries and positions; whether you’re looking for full-time work or want something short-term, agencies are dedicated to helping people like you. That doesn’t mean that working through an employment agency is always your best option but if it’s not, what exactly is holding you back from making a move?

How to find the right staffing agency

Interview several staffing agencies to make sure they provide good, up-to-date information. Be wary of any company that is vague about its services and capabilities. If they can’t describe exactly what they do, don’t sign on with them. Also, ask your friends and relatives if they know of any employment agencies in Brampton that they’ve used especially if those friends or relatives are currently employed and whether their experiences were positive.

What kind of jobs are available

If you’re out of work and looking for your next opportunity, or if you want to make some extra cash from home, try searching through some employment agencies in Brampton. These companies can connect you with positions at many different types of businesses and organizations, which means they can point you in any direction. The better-known staffing agencies include Randstad, RPS Careers, 360 HR Consultants Inc., Robert Half International, and Adecco Canada.

Although it might seem daunting to meet with someone who isn’t an actual hiring manager (particularly when most people are used to getting directly turned down by potential employers), staffing agencies offer plenty of opportunities, from entry-level workers to experienced professionals.

What’s involved in applying for jobs through a staffing company

Staffing agencies provide job seekers and companies with many benefits, but there are some important details to consider before contacting one. Remember that staffing companies work for employers not for job seekers and that employment agencies in Brampton, Ontario, generally want to place people in permanent positions, not just temporary ones.

Job postings at staffing firms usually outline how much employees make, whether or not they receive health insurance, what kind of holidays and time off they have, etc. It’s also worth noting that if you sign up with a staffing company, your resume will likely be given to other companies by default.

This is because staffing agencies often farm out candidates to multiple employers. Suppose you’re looking for a short-term position (like freelance work). Working through an agency might be ideal but if you’re hoping to secure long-term employment, then it’s probably best to look elsewhere (like directly through individual businesses). In any case, it’s important to remember that no matter which option you choose, don’t let anyone rush or pressure you into making any decisions about your career path!

Common concerns about using a staffing company

  • How do I know if they’re reputable? Some staffs agencies post online reviews, which should be your first stop in researching whether or not to work with them. If there aren’t any online reviews, Google search for them. There will usually be two five-star reviews from companies that worked with them for every one-star review, so take that into account.
  • What are my rights and responsibilities as an employee working for a staffing company?

How much does it cost?

It costs between $0 and $2,000. It all depends on how many different staffing agencies you work with. It will cost $600 – $1,000 to hire an employment agency in Brampton to help you find a job. It could be so expensive because some agencies may put your resume directly into hiring managers’ inboxes; if they get lucky (or just plain good), then that investment could pay off.

Other issues to consider

As with working with any employment agency, there are pros and cons to choosing one specialized in your field or industry. Working with an employment agency within your field can be useful for finding out about available jobs at specific companies, but it can also be limiting. Many agencies are cold callers who will call on any company they haven’t previously worked with, making it more difficult to secure work at smaller businesses. If you decide to use an employment agency in Brampton, make sure they work primarily within your sector. An employment agency specializing in accounting won’t know about or have access to many non-accounting jobs at different companies and vice versa for a company specializing in sales/marketing/other business areas.