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Loulouka formula is a Swiss-made formula rich in essential vitamins and nutrients for a baby’s healthy development. It is made from the highest quality Swiss milk, organically raised. The formula is carefully formulated to meet the complex nutritional needs of babies. A team of nutritional experts has worked for over a decade to perfect this formula. Babies need a specific combination of vitamins, fats, and minerals. It contains only the best ingredients to meet these needs.


The Loulouka formula ingredients are made in a Swiss factory from organic cow’s milk, one of the most nourishing ingredients you can feed your baby. Its production is transparent and humane, and it undergoes 50 quality assurance tests before it leaves the factory. The brand is also committed to the environment and uses sustainable packaging practices.

Loulouka formula is certified organic and contains no added sugar or synthetic ingredients. Its milk comes from family-owned Swiss dairy farms. Unlike many other brands, the Loulouka formula does not contain preservatives, soy, or eggshells. The packaging is also environmentally friendly, with no palm oil, soy, or eggshells.

Loulouka formulas come in stages: Stage 1 for 0-6 months, Stage 2 for six to ten months, and Stage 3 for children over 10 months. Each formula comes with a complete list of its ingredients.

Nutritional value

While Holle and Loulouka formulas contain the same ingredients, the nutritional value of their milk differs. Holle formulas are made with whole milk, while Loulouka contains skim milk. The main difference is that Loulouka contains actual grams of lactose.

Loulouka uses organic and natural ingredients for its baby formulas. Its ingredients include organic skimmed milk, demineralized whey powder, organic vegetable oils (coconut, olive, and sunflower), Galactooligosaccharides, Refined Fish Oil, and Vitamins.

The company that produces Loulouka formulas follows strict EU organic regulations. Its ingredients are sourced from organic Swiss dairy farms. They are also EU certified. This certification means that the formulas contain at least 95% organic ingredients. This is more stringent than the requirements of USDA Organic certification.

Loulouka Goat formula contains folic acid at a concentration of four micrograms per 100kcal. This is the equivalent of one milligram of folate. In addition, the formula contains a synthetic form of folate. Although the USDA does not publish a daily allowance of folate, it publishes an ‘Adequate Intake’ for infants between six and twelve months. This level is based on the assumption that an infant will not need more than this folate level.


Loulouka formula is a famous organic baby formula, certified organic and European-made. It is free of palm oil and uses coconut and skimmed milk to make the formula. The formula also helps protect the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and wastewater. Loulouka formula is a good choice for parents who want to give their baby only the best.

The Loulouka formula is available for purchase at a price that fits your budget. It is a good choice for infants from birth and can be used in conjunction with breastfeeding. However, before you buy the Loulouka formula, you should consult with your doctor or health clinic.

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