Book Your Tatkal Train Tickets Online with These Essential Tips

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Tatkal Train Tickets

Due to the large number of passengers booking their tickets in advance, getting a confirmed ticket becomes difficult. But, with some verified tricks, booking a confirmed ticket online and at passenger reservation counters is possible. The Indian Railway is focused on growing its services. With the normal train operations, IRCTC has started running additional trains between the stations. With more special trains running on different routes, passengers with a confirmed ticket can only travel by train.  

This post shares tips to help you book train tickets in the Tatkal quota.  

What Does Tatkal Train Ticket Booking Signify?  

The scheme of Tatkal Ticket Booking was introduced in December 1997 by the Indian Railways. It lets passengers reserve their tickets one day beforehand the date of travel. The Tatkal Railway ticket booking facility is open for all seat classes, excluding AC-1, for example, Sleeper, AC-2, AC-3, and executive class. A Tatkal ticket is charged at a minimum of 30% of the base charges.  

Tatkal Train Ticket Booking Tips  

As many of us may know, Tatkal train ticket booking online starts 24 hours before the listed train departures. For Air-conditioned coaches, this booking initiates at 10 AM, and for Sleeper coaches, it begins at 11 AM. Normally, when booking Tatkal train tickets, all the tickets get booked before a passenger fills out the form. Thus, booking a ticket is nearly impossible for a normal person who wants to get a confirmed train ticket through the tatkal booking of the Indian Railways.  

Things to Consider Before You Book a Tatkal Train Ticket  

When booking a tatkal ticket via the Indian Railway online ticket booking system, a passenger must choose the Journey date and the station (origin and destination station) information. Once you have completed it, a train list will be shown. You can proceed with the one as per your travel needs. Later, you have to pick the category of the journey, for example, AC or Non-AC. After that, you must choose the ticket Quota, Tatkal Ticket, in this condition. Ultimately, you will get choices for Premium Tatkal, Disabled, General Lower or Upper Berth, Senior Citizen, etc. You require to click these alternatives to give your preferred choice. Keeping these details beforehand will get you the confirmed train tickets.  

Complete Your Master List Beforehand  

Master List involves the passenger’s information that can be kept in advance. This list can be retained on both the site and the application of Indian Railways. You must sign in to your account created on the IRCTC ticket reservation website and click the My Profile tab. Once you click this, it will open the My Master List Tab. Fill in the information ahead of time via the Add New tab. When booking your train ticket in the Tatkal quota, select the Add Existing option to give information about the passengers. Accomplishing this would save you enough time and improve the possibilities of getting a confirmed tatkal train ticket. Some individuals may also use the extension of Chrome Browser to book train tickets quickly.  

Category and its Role in Ticket Confirmation  

In Indian Railways, there are several ticket classes on the waiting list. If you have a train ticket on the waiting list, check its category. When a passenger withdraws or cancels his tatkal ticket, a choice of confirmation is provided to tickets on the tatkal waiting list. In this category, the booking against cancellation RAC option is not present; thus, Tatkal waiting list tickets are primarily confirmed. Eventually, if your ticket is not confirmed, it gets cancelled automatically, and your amount is refunded to your registered bank account.  

Verification of PNR Status for Confirmation Possibility  

Did you know each booked train ticket involves a code that includes the confirmation possibilities for booking? A unique 10-digit PNR number is added to your train ticket. PNR is the passenger’s name record, a significant number on the upper left side of the booked ticket. You can employ this number to verify the confirmation chances of your ticket. The Trainman’s PNR Prediction feature utilizes an AI-based algorithm to identify a waitlisted or RAC ticket’s validation chances.  

Tips for Ticket Booking in Critical Situations  

You might be an expert traveller, but sometimes you may get confused when reserving a ticket. Here are some train ticket booking tips that work effectively in diverse situations.   

  1.  When a train reaches a particular station at 11:55 PM or after and departs the station afternoon, on which day should include a passenger book his ticket? 

In this situation, the passenger must think of the journey date based on the train departure from the station.  

  1.  For instance, A train from Delhi to Amritsar leaves at 8.30 PM from Delhi and reaches Ambala Cant Junction at 11.55 PM, and the train leaves this junction at 12.05 AM. Therefore, passengers boarding at Ambala Cant Junction should reserve the ticket for the day when the train departs the station where the passenger would board the train. 
  2.  Rules of Indian Railways ticket booking get constantly updated. Registered users who have not reserved any tickets for a long time will need to verify before booking tickets from the IRCTC website. The verification method will involve confirming their e-mail Id and mobile phone number. 

How Many Days Before a Train Ticket Can Be Booked?  

You are eligible to book a train ticket 120 days before the journey date. Furthermore, the booking period may differ between special intercity trains and day express trains. 

Final Words  

Overall, planning your journey is essential before you book train tickets. Thus, Trainman offers you a vast range of inquiry services, such as Seat Availability, Train Schedule, and Fare Enquiry, to assist you in planning your travel most feasibly. 

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