Best Ways To Use a Social Wall In Your Event

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Best Ways To Use a Social Wall In Your Event

Social walls in the event are performing a tremendous job in keeping the audience engaged throughout the event. If you have been to any concert, exhibition, or live physical event recently, you might have noticed a social wall displayed on the event screens. 

If you are also planning to organize any event or exhibition shortly, social media wall is your must tool to include in your event’s audience engagement tool. No doubt, social media is your tool for promotions and selling more tickets for your event. But social media is also a powerful tool for audience engagement. Hence, if you are keen to integrate social media walls into your event, keep reading this blog till the end and learn more about different ways to merge social media walls into your event. 

Let’s get started with understanding what a social media wall is and how you can display it during the event screens. 

What Is a Social Media Wall?

A social media wall is a collection of social media posts displayed on the screens in real-time, creating an engaging effect on the audience engagement. The social media wall combines stale pictures, video, GIFs, and many other types of content that are connected displayed on the event screens making an interactive effect during the event. 

5 Different Ways To Use Social Media Wall In Your Event

Apply these virtual social event Ideas to create an attractive, powerful, and captivating social media wall that will enhance your user’s experience and keep them engrossed throughout the event. 

Display User-Generated Content On Event Screens

You might be very well-acquainted with the power of user-generated content in your marketing. User-generated content is authentic, humanized, and interactive that connects feelings with your audiences. You might be integrating user-generated content in your website or reposting on social media accounts. But now, you can also display user-generated content collected from your preferred social media channels to your event walls. 

User-generated content captures your audience’s attention on the event screens that boat your event’s affinity and authority with your event attendees. You can collect user-generated content from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or any other where your users have shared content associated with your brand or event and collectively display them on the event screens. For this, you can use a social media aggregator to gather the UGC and feature it on the event screens. 

Promote Your Sponsors Through Social Media Wall

Sponsors are the backbone of every event. Hence giving them special thanks for supporting the event makes good affinity. All your sponsors need in return by sponsoring your event is to reach out to a larger audience. 

Giving proper credits to your audience during the event can attract more sponsors for your event in the future. You can use an innovative way to provide credit to your sponsors by creating a unique and memorable social media wall dedicated to your sponsors. 

Collect social media posts from your social media handles and create attractive social media walls to display on the event screens. This will also capture the attention and interest of your event audience. 

Connect Your Audience With Your Branded Content

You can collect and display social media posts from your business handles on social media channels. Demonstrating branded social media walls boost your brand promotions authentically and connect your audience with the social media content. 

Displaying branded social media content on your event screens boosts your brand’s presence with the employees and builds a reliable brand image with your audience. 

Showcase From Speaker’s Social Media Posts

Suppose you are inviting elite speakers to talk at your event. In that case, you can offer them the best welcome, appreciation, and experience by displaying some beautiful social media posts from their accounts. 

If you give speakers the best experience, they are more likely to join your event in the future too. To delight your speakers with your event, you can display their best clicks and shots from the social media channels. 

Run Hashtag Campaign & Display Live Hashtag Posts In Real-Time

A live hashtag campaign is another way to enhance your event wall with an alluring and fascinating social media wall. You can run a live hashtag campaign for your live event to increase the participation of your audience during the event. As your audience might get engaged on social media channels during the event, you can utilize it by diverting to participate in your hashtag campaign and display their hashtag posts on the event screens in real-time. This will help you generate a plethora of user-generated content, encourage their participation in the event, and create an alluring social media wall for your event. 

Wrapping Up!

At the end of this blog, we get to know how social media walls work for your event. Now you know 5 different ways to add a social media wall to your event. 

Let us know how you find this blog and how it helps create an impressive social media wall to display during event screens.

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