Best Order Management Software Solution Available in the Market

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Order Management

What is order management software?

Order management procedure begins at the instance when a customer places an order. As soon as the order is received details are frontward to inventory where a product is packed and sent for shipment. All these steps needed to be monitored to elude inconvenience. Ecommerce businesses have to pact with a flood of orders coming from multiple sources at a time. Management under such conditions is a real challenge that can be handled accurately and efficiently through ecommerce order management software. It ensures an unhindered workflow by managing the company’s data from order placement to successful delivery.

Key benefits of an order management software

Integrating the online selling system with OMS software makes e-commerce business operations more reliable and effectual. It brings about certain benefits to consistently evolving online businesses such as:

  • Simplify and automate inventory management processes
  • Provides real-time data as the order is placed
  • Let merchants handle multiple sales channels from a single platform
  • Organize warehouse operations in a better way
  • Generate comprehensive data reports
  • Prevent out-of-stock issues
  • Improve invoicing method for customers
  • Merchants can make wise decisions over the data collected

Best e-commerce OMS available in the market

Which OMS software to choose is the major matter. For that merchants should know the best solutions available in the market. Here we gathered a few names that could cater to the requirements of your e-commerce business.

Ginkgo Retail

For high-end features and the best order management software for e-commerce, Ginkgo is the commendable pick. It can be adapted to the requirements of your e-commerce business and give the controls to handle outbursts of orders from multiple sources. It becomes the main portal to gather data from various channels and display them digitally in a single data report. So merchants can remain focused on indispensable tasks and gear up for vital business verdicts. Features it provides are:

  • Manage orders and sync data from multiple channels
  • Highly customizable
  • Remarkable customer service
  • Automated order and inventory processes
  • Record customer’s contact details with order history
  • Let merchants track order journeys from a single platform


Although NetSuite is a costly e-commerce order management software yet it is highly recommendable and cradles businesses of all shapes and sizes. Merchants can observe order management well with NetSuite eCommerce OMS. It relishes your business with features like:

  • The automated order management process
  • Ensure on-time delivery
  • Manage drop shipping
  • Keep check and balance over stock
  • Subscription features
  • Maximize profits
  • Easy to use by merchants
  • Keep on upgrading and introducing new features
  • It manages and connects order data from various sales channels to a single platform
  • Customers can have a look at the brand’s entire inventory and can purchase from anywhere
  • Ability to enable features such as refund or return purchased products
  • Highly customizable


Approximately 5 million merchants worldwide expressed their good experience with Odoo OMS software. It offers a wide range of features and is much helpful to manage big businesses. A wide variety of features include:

  • Invoicing
  • Accounting applications
  • CRM (customer relationship management) program
  • POS (point-of-sale) system makes acceptance of payments from customers easy
  • Manage sales operations and generate detailed reports
  • Inventory management
  • Track prices
  • Integrates with Odoo apps to enhance your business operations.

Zoho Inventory

Through a few simple steps, merchants can do reliable order management with Zoho OMS software. Although Zoho inventory is obtainable for free it also offers a paid version with high-end features at sensible prices. An ideal order management software solution to meet the needs of small businesses. It comprises features:

  • Cloud-based software
  • It can be connected to Zoho products
  • Keep on introducing innovative features
  • Generate sales reports
  • Track orders
  • Give real-time inventory updates
  • Invoicing
  • Digital payment facility
  • Manage orders from multiple sources merging data to a single platform
  • Backorders fulfillment
  • Drop shipping
  • Give updates on the order to customers


Orderhive is considered one of the best e-commerce OMS with a simple and easy-to-grasp interface. This free order management software let the merchants handle important data recording tasks that benefit trade through e-commerce business. Paid version with variable price plans is also available which can be picked when needed. Its huge range of features includes:

  • Remarkable customer support service
  • Multichannel integration
  • FBA order processing
  • Drop shipping
  • 3PL (third-party logistics) facility
  • Handle complex tasks like providing fulfillment of backorders, pre-orders, and partial orders.
  • Facility to mark specific orders with customized tags for easy recognition
  • Multi-currency conversion
  • Record order history with customer’s contact details


Another best order management software for e-commerce businesses in the market. It enhances the efficiency of business operations by bringing accuracy to order management tasks. Skubana help make wise decisions based on data history and real-time data records. This boosts the progress of e-commerce businesses. Significant features comprise:

  • Forecasting tools
  • Appreciable customer service
  • Track prices across multiple marketplaces
  • Generate sales reports for making germane business decisions
  • Collect data from multiple channels and warehouses of your business and display them over a single dashboard
  • Automatically forward details for order execution once placed.


Linnworks fulfills all the requirements of order management for e-commerce businesses. It operates worldwide bringing in every opportunity to boost earnings. Some merchants find it a bit confusing system due to the long operations which might bother beginners. However, still it acquires useful features that overthrow its cons.

  • Highly customizable
  • Assimilates with other e-commerce podiums
  • Bring data from multiple channels to a single dashboard
  • Adapt according to business requirements as it grows
  • Generate useful data reports for astute decision making
  • Automatically sync your operational data across multiple marketplaces


Salesorder is a secure e-commerce order management software that organizes sales data, monitors order fulfillment processes, and manages accounting procedures. An ideal order management solution for wholesalers. It comprises features such as:

  • B2B and B2C e-commerce
  • CRM (customer relationship management)
  • EDI (electronic data interchange)
  • Organization of data from multiple channels
  • Forecasting centered on real-time sales data
  • Automated order procedures that ensure order fulfillment
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse management
  • Digital payment facility
  • BI tools

The Salesorder is highly customizable OMS software beneficial to small businesses.

Quickbooks Commerce

Quickbooks commerce is well-known accounting software. It assists in gathering data from multiple conduits to a single platform for evaluation by merchants. Its flexible and affordable features let you access data from anywhere. Features include:

  • Give access to multiple channels to market the brand and increase sales.
  • Merchants can track the inventory and order fulfillment operation anytime from anywhere.
  • Connect with other e-commerce platforms.
  • BI (business intelligence) tools.
  • Generate detailed data reports.

A well-toned order management software to meet the needs of small businesses as it let you do a few transactions.


Freestyle is an affordable OMS software available in the market with a wide range of features. It’s a good solution to manage e-commerce business data effectively. Features include:

  • BI (business intelligence) tools for the wise decision-making procedure
  • Provide Add-ons to mold the software according to business requirements
  • Automated inventory and order management
  • Facilitate with eBooks to enhance e-commerce business management strategies


Ecommerce order management software saves time and money by taking over tasks of manpower invested in the manual data entry process. Automating order management procedures eliminates human error and gives reliable and accurate real-time data reports for making useful decisions. Moreover, employees can be directed to more significant tasks which saves time and increase work efficiency.

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