Best Hanging Indoor Plants That Adds Beauty to Your Space

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We know that every plant is different; even in the same plants, there are so many varieties. According to the color of leaves, according to their size, shape, and many things are considered in this. Like this, each plant’s potting medium is also different; some need soil, where some need water as the medium to grow. The presenting style also varies; some are kept in stands where space is less, some displayed in unique perspectives at each corner of your room, some are hanged beautifully to add a special touch. Not every plant and variety is the same, so displaying them is also something you need to have an idea of. You have to find suitable plants for hanging because not every plant makes that beautiful. You can find the best indoor hanging plant varieties online as well. Here are some of the hanging indoor plants that make your space attractive and utilize the area well.

1. Golden Pothos

Pothos has so many varieties among these Golden pothoses are most famous for hanging. The beautiful golden yellow tint in the leaves makes the plant more attractive, which adds elegance to your space. This plant needs a moderate amount of light which enhances the beautiful color. This is one of the best indoor hanging plants you can keep in your bedroom itself. The common name for Pothos is ‘money plant.’ Money plants online are available also. This will help you with online shopping for plants. Golden Pothos can purify airborne toxins, allowing you to get better sleep and breathe easier.

2. Burro’s Tail

This is the best hanging plant for beginners. This plant can survive a long period without water. Burro’s Tail also doesn’t need so much sunlight. The fleshy leaves are so attractive and unique among indoor plants. This plant is included in the succulent family. These grow so fast and make the space more beautiful. This particular plant trails down with a unique style and structure, making the area particular.

3. Turtle vine

Turtle vine is a popular hanging plant. There are some varieties of turtle vine available in online shopping for indoor plants. You can select the one that suits your space. The unique color and leaves make the plant more attractive. Turtle vine is so easy to grow. It needs partial or indirect sunlight and also requires the soil to be moist, not soggy. This will be a better option if you are searching for a hanging plant.

4.Maidenhair Fern

This is one of the best choices for your living room. The feathery fronds make the plant so attractive. The name of this plant is derived from the delicate look it possesses. You can keep this plant in a humid space. It also needs partial sunlight. The elegant look of this plant makes your room also elegant as well.

5. Arrowhead Plant

This plant is also known as five fingers. Names are derived from the shapes of the leaves themselves. So many varieties of Arrowhead plants are available in online indoor plant shopping also. There is no need for so much care for this plant. This will increase without troubling you. Arrowhead plants prefer humidity to grow. Hence you could make your kitchen and bathroom so decorative with this plant. There are so many varieties, as mentioned before; this includes the color of leaves. White, green, pink, burgundy are some of the leaf colors in this. So check online shopping for indoor plants and find your preferred variety in the Arrowhead plant.

Now you may have got some idea of selecting the best indoor hanging plants for your space. There are many more varieties available. You can find the best for your home through online shopping for indoor plants. There will be many varieties of plants there. That will confuse you to select the best for you. Even if you are new to plant parenting, this article will give you an idea to find the best and unique hanging plants for your space. So find your plant and grab it soon. Make a living more active and fresh.

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