Best Free PDF Readers for Windows and MAC

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Best Free PDF Readers for Windows and MAC

We have been using PDFs for many years, still, they are alive and in use everywhere. Even many document supporting applications are having PDF as one of the supported formats. There are many PDF readers are available for PC and Mac applications. There are some paid and free PDF readers available, here let’s see some free pdf readers for windows and Mac OS machines.

Free PDF formats are accessible for W-2 contracts or e-Book. To view any document or convert any document to PDF, it is necessary to download a PDF reader. Many paid PDF readers are available on the internet but you may end up paying dollars for these subscriptions annually. Free pdf reader for windows and mac is a software to open a document of any format to pdf format.

For past years we are accessing bills, bank statements, newsletters, and many other documents as PDFs. Smartphones and other android devices with windows and mac OS are having dedicated built-in pdf readers. Let’s list of Best free pdf readers for windows and Mac OS machines.

Foxit Reader

This Foxit Reader application is available for both Windows and Mac OS machines, it is like Google dox. Where you can open any document of any format like Word document, excel sheets, and PowerPoint documents. Also, we can combine multiple documents and can provide access to others by selecting the revoke document option.

Though you provide access to multiple users you can track their actions like any other modifications. Also, check out the security options to keep your documents safe, like encryptions, security codes, or lock systems.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a well-known application for many years, and it is popularly used. This application is also available for both Windows and Mac OS machines. This is a special application to edit PDF files, as it has features like drag and drops action options. Also, you can sync your data to the Adobe cloud system.

There are tons of special features that attract you to this application. You can either read PDF forms in read-only mode or edit enable mode. Moreover, this application is available in android and apple play stores.

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Google Drive

Google Drive is another well-known application from the Google search engine. This is another handy application available in all android and Mac applications. No need to install any application if you are using Google chrome. This is a default extension available for chrome and android application.


MuPDF is easy to use, and it supports CBZ and XPS files. This is a lightweight and super feasible application for any android device Mac or windows. This is solely dedicated to PDF conversion, the landing page itself is available in PDF format. There are many other options available like flip through and zoom, zoom out and search for the text.

PDF-Xchange Editor

PDF-Xchange Editor is another free PDF editor available to everyone for free. With this application you can create, edit, view, zoom in, zoom out, save in the cloud, strikethrough, headlight text, and convert to any other format. Provide access to the camera to scan any document and convert it to PDF.

Expert PDF Reader

Expert PDF Reader is the best free pdf reader available for windows and mac OS machines. This application is faster than any other free and paid pdf reader. This enables you to read, edit, highlight text in any color of your choice, Bold, craft your text, convert it to any other format, save it to the cloud. To edit any form quickly you can use this PDf reader.

Slim PDf

If you want to limit your machine space for PDF reader applications, then download Slim PDf to your windows or Mac OS machines. It will occupy only 15 MB of your machine space. Do not underestimate the performance of this application by considering its tiny size. It helps you to edit, read rotate, and zoom your PDf files. This is a lightweight and most powerful application to existing in your windows and Mac OS machine.

Soda PDF

One can prefer Soda PDF when you want to read big files of different formats in PDF form. Files like Comic books, e-newspapers, magazines, official large documents are available in 3D view mode. This is also having an online platform to compress, resize, edit, and convert PDF files. Both offline applications and online platforms are secure and safe to view any documents in PDF mode. It also has a cloud connectivity option to save files to the cloud for future use.


There are many more free PDf applications are available but considering the major benefits and key features above listed applications are best. These are mostly ad-free and lightweight applications that suit all versions of windows and Mac OS machines. Hope the article helps find the best free pdf reader applications for android mobiles windows and Mac OS machines.

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