Bespoke Women Exceptionally Handcrafted Pakistani Bridal Dresses

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Being a Pakistani bride is not an easy task. On the wedding day whether it is Mehndi, Barat, or Walima, brides are the center of attention. Pakistani wedding dresses have a variety in context to cuts, colors, and embellishments, so it is not an easy task to select the right wedding dresses for girls. Rici Melion is here to help all the brides with the selection of Pakistani bridal dresses. Rici Melion is offering a variety of Pakistani wedding dresses for brides. It is one of the top designer labels that provide the best Pakistani bridal dresses. To look quintessential on the big day, Rici Melion is the best choice for Pakistani wedding dresses and nikkah dresses. Rici Melion has created their collection of Pakistani bridal dresses with a variety of techniques used by talented designers for every kind of event. This designer label is always at the forefront when it comes to traditional Pakistani bridal dresses and nikkah dresses for all of its patrons.

Distinct and Latest Bridal Dresses for Barat

 In the fashion industry, every season new designs come and take place of the older ones. Brides are always in search of the perfect and latest bridal dresses for their big day as they are the center of attention of everyone on their big day. Rici Melion being the exemplary designer brand keeps an eye on the latest bridal dresses trends and their patrons’ needs and always comes up with new bridal dresses especially the quintessential and archetypal bridal dresses for Barat. The brand’s sincere patrons have helped them throughout the journey and showed them how they are the ideal brand for the bridal dresses for the Barat. In case you’re thinking about what would be perfect for you, you need to have a look at Rici Melion’s latest bridal dresses for your perfect fairytale moment.

Customary Barat Dulhan Dresses

An average Pakistani wedding is composed of three to four events. There are many brides who wear red Barat dresses to their main event and usually pastel hues for wedding dresses on other days. Rici Melion wedding dresses are all accentuated with gold and silver eccentric designs to decorate Dulhan dresses. Various bright colors are constructed for Barat dresses entirely according to the bride’s desire. Custom-made designs are also made at Rici Melion for Dulhan dresses according to their exact fit and personalized details. The designs that Rici Melion offers for wedding dresses have charming details with graceful silhouettes that are perfect for every bride. These richly decorated and masterfully rendered Dhulan dresses of Rici Melion are perfect for every bride to make a statement on their big day. If you are looking for Barat dresses, then Rici Melion can, without a doubt, be number one on your list of the best wedding dresses for all the brides-to-be out there.

Ostentatiously Ornate Custom-made Bridal Mehndi Dresses

There is a wide variety of wedding dresses for girls based on traditions and each wedding occasion, but brides put all extra effort into their bridal mehndi dresses to make them fun and attractive. Rici Melion being the finest designer label provides the most charming and exotic bridal mehndi dresses for their brides. The bridal mehndi dresses usually fuse dynamic colors and embellishments into a stunning mehndi dress for the bride. In addition to being extraordinary, Rici Melion bridal mehndi dresses feature fine handmade craftsmanship, making them brides’ dream mehndi dresses for the wedding. These bridal mehndi dresses from Rici Melion will give you that perfect look that each bride longs for in her bridal mehndi dress, and they are such stunning bridal mehndi dresses that will make you feel special on the most important day of your life.

Luxurious Pakistani Bridal Dresses with Prices

The very last occasion of the wedding is walima day where most of the brides go for pastels and neutral colors for the day. Rici Melion being the ideal brand provides the best quality and design of Pakistani bridal dresses for walima. Rici Melion also provides a variety of different Pakistani bridal dresses for the walima that show the brand’s identity in the most perfect manner.  Rici Melion is offering different types of Pakistani bridal dresses for Walima so they can cater to each type of customer. Their Walima dresses are accentuated with bold and charming details that are cut generously and created into the most flattering ensembles. There aren’t many brands that can say that they are the ‘brand leaders’ in Pakistani bridal dresses like Rici Melion. Rici Melion is an exemplary brand that wants to give convenience to its patrons in the best possible way. Rici Melion has mentioned Pakistani bridal dresses with prices on their websites. With the wedding season around the corner, it’s now high time to take a look at Rici Melion s’ Pakistani wedding dresses with prices to find the perfect outfit to make you look like the perfect bride that you always dreamt of, on your big day.


Rici Melion being the idyllic and ultimate luxury brand is giving every type of collection for their patrons so they can look like what they have imagined from years for themselves on their big day. Rici Melion is providing their patrons with the best collections for bridal wear that are trendy and perfect for their patrons for their wedding day. Rici Melion being the only brand that is also trying to give convenience to their patrons and wanted to add quality in their lives, is offering Pakistani bridal wear dresses online on their websites with prices. The brand is also offering different payment methods that are suitable for their patrons like cash on delivery (COD).

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