Be on the Lookout for These 5 Google Ads Agency

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There are a lot of wonderful firms out there, and they all deliver excellent results for their respective clientele. However, a few Google Ads firms only want to make a quick profit and will not deliver as promised.

When looking for a Google Ads agency to set up and manage your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, you must be aware of some of the common frauds and issues to avoid falling victim to them.

1. Hiding the identity of the account’s owner

If you contact a Google Ads agency without already having an account of your own, they have two options for how to proceed: either they will create an account for you, or you can create an account yourself and add them to it.

Access Levels for Users of Google Ads

Some companies will create accounts for their customers without informing them of the level of access they will be granted or the repercussions this will have for them. It is not uncommon for the customer to find out they do not have ownership rights to the account when the business partnership ends or when the customer decides it is time to move on to other things.

Check early on what kind of access you truly have so that this doesn’t happen. This should preferably be admin access, with the ability to add or remove anyone from the account at your discretion. Also, if you are working with a Google Ads agency and have a contract with them, double-check that it specifies who the account owner is.

Google suggests that the customer should always have ownership of the account. However, this is not always feasible for businesses. Therefore, if you want Google to assist you in transferring the account to your name, you will not receive any assistance from the company. The only other choice available is to establish a fresh account on your own and begin organizing your campaigns from the ground up. If you have been removed from the account, your data will be deleted along with your membership.

2. Failing to carry out the work that was specified

This is a widespread issue that many advertisers face, and it is one factor contributing to commercials that do not perform as expected. Unfortunately, many marketers are unaware that not all the work is being completed since they do not know how to check and must rely on the word of their agency. This is because many advertisers do not know how to check.

It is crucial to check the work that they are doing, and one of the methods to accomplish that is in Change History, which can be found in the left navigation at the account or campaign levels.

Make Your Mark on History

This displays the majority of the modifications that have been made to your account and the users that have made those changes. However, some of the changes you make in the Recommendations section will not show up here, at least not in full, because many of the recommendations are automated and can be ignored or applied to your campaigns.

You also can revert some of the adjustments if you find that your campaigns have been negatively affected by them. You will see a link labelled “Undo” under each change that is capable of being reversed using that feature.

Therefore, making regular checks on this part will be of great use to you in determining whether or not the agency is carrying out the work agreed upon. You also can request that they email you screenshots of this work every month.

3. Taking use of the money you spend on Google Ads

If your agency handles the payment of your advertising costs, you must verify that they are spending the full amount you are providing them. If they are not, you should consider finding another agent. Some PPC Advertising Services firms have an invoicing system set up with Google, which allows them to process payments on behalf of their customers and receive advertising budgets directly from those customers.

Some advertising companies will include in the contract the amount of money they will spend on your advertising and the amount they will charge you for their services. You can review the reports to determine whether or not all of this has been spent.

4. They do not keep you informed on the latest developments

Your marketing efforts will be more successful if you know the weekly and monthly activities of the Google  PPC Management Ads agency managing your account. You will be able to provide feedback to them regarding the quality of the leads and sales you are receiving, and you will also be able to work closely with them to enhance this aspect.

However, a significant number of marketers are unaware of their respective agencies’ work. They are unaware of the work being done in the campaigns, the impact it is truly having, or whether or not they are managing the advertisements to the best of their ability. It is not enough to look at the page labelled “Change History” to determine what they are doing. You need to know that the very best job is being done to achieve the very best results.

5. They do not make it apparent what their level of experience is in your field.

Google Ads is a sizable platform utilized by a diverse assortment of firms and organizations, such as B2B and B2C enterprises, as well as non-profits such as charities and other similar organizations. As a result, the likelihood of a company having competence in every industry and field is quite low.

In addition, some agencies will not be transparent about their level of experience and knowledge in your sector. In some instances, they will pretend to have experience, even though it is possible that they do not.

Therefore, it is essential to check that the company in question has evidence of their experience in the form of reviews, case studies, guides, testimonials, and so on. Also, ensure that you verify these thoroughly to ensure that you choose the appropriate agency.


It cannot be easy to select the ideal Google Ads agency near me for your needs. There is a wide variety of agencies to choose from, each of which claims to provide the highest quality services. Sadly, many customers have realized far too late that they have chosen the incorrect firm, which has resulted in a significant waste of their time, money, and resources. However, being aware of some of the common tricks advertising agencies use will clear these mistakes, guaranteeing you will have a positive experience and choosing the best agency to collaborate with to run successful campaigns.

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