Avoiding Cyber Fraud

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It is typical for many people to set different goals and priorities throughout their lives. At some point, all of us have dreamed of achieving something like having a luxurious house, an extravagant car, lots of money in the bank, and so on.  Sometimes we become so eager to make our dreams come true that it becomes our motivation to work harder. Some of us would look for additional sources of income; many open a savings account, while others choose to invest. 

During the past years, more and more people have become more interested in investing. This is mainly because there are lots of opportunities circulating online that offer low capital investment opportunities. However, just like any other venture, some investment risks might cause people’s hard-earned money to incur losses and, even worse, put them in serious financial trouble.

Being interested in making your money grow through investing is a good thing. However, anyone should learn to be cautious in pushing through, especially when a considerable sum of money is at stake. There are lots of investment scams and fraud that have been made to make people believe in their legitimacy. When searching for a company to handle your money, turn to Mount Equity Group a well-established investment company consisting of a team of professionals that will surely keep their clients away from scams and frauds. We help people grow their wealth by guiding them towards wise investment decisions. Indeed, ensuring our clients’ financial security through excellent service is what we stand for. To protect you and your money, trust the services of Mount Equity Group!

An online investment scam usually includes getting people to provide cash for an uncertain investment. To prevent anyone from falling for any of these schemes, it’s best to arm yourselves with knowledge. Listed below are some of the most popular online investment scams:

Prepayment fee scheme

This type of fraud usually happens in online shopping, where people have to make a payment first before the products they have ordered are shipped. Likewise, it can also occur in an online investment scam, where one could be forced into investing in a company that looks legitimate. Following this scheme, an online fraudster would never show up and make fake updates after taking the money from the victim.

Pyramid or referral schemes

People who are on top of this scheme would make money by convincing other people to join them. They usually promise an instant passive income through promoting their best-selling products. However, the investment here does not exist. If one cannot make any referrals and add people to their team, they would not get paid any amount.

Initiation of credentials

Most of the time, investment scammers would insist on showing their target victim all their company’s credentials, such as “legal” documents and websites. This is to persuade them that they are legitimate. However, their papers were forged, the website is fraudulent, and the company which they are trying to promote does not exist.

How to Spot Online Investment Scams and Frauds

Money isn’t something anyone can just find anywhere. Every penny earned comes from a lot of hard work, so it is very easy for these hardworking individuals to entice them into a phony investment. To help you minimize the risks of getting involved in online scams and frauds, below are the lists of things you could do to avoid being victimized.

Verify the investment company’s identity and registration

Investment companies that are not authorized by any government agencies are among the biggest red flags for scams and fraud. It’s best to be keen about the historical background and details of the companies you want to invest with. You should never invest in a company because of a trend. Remember, any unregistered company should not be given any opportunity to handle anyone’s hard-earned cash.

Research the investment

After assessing the company’s credibility, the next thing clients should do is to research what they are getting into. Before making any investments, you should first understand how the process works. You must know about where your money would go, the risks and returns, and other fees or charges, if there are any. You should also choose an investment that’s most suitable for your financial plans. Most of all, you should never allow your emotions to overrule your investment decisions. A well-thought-out plan is critical to keep control of your finances.

Always ask questions

There is nothing wrong with asking questions and seeking answers, especially when making an important decision. Thus, investors should know every single detail about the company’s practices. Like Mount Equity Group, a legitimate company will give straight answers to any concerns clients might have. If they don’t, something is off about that company.

Avoid a guaranteed return

There is always some level of risk every investment comes with. People should steer clear of any investment company which promises a guaranteed return. Many scam artists spend most of their time trying to make people imagine how their lives would be when they become wealthy by investing with their company. Never be convinced by these.

Pay attention to giveaways

Scammers would probably invite people to attend a seminar or offer them to get something for free. These can make people feel special, and it might become a factor to make people believe that they are legitimate. A smart investor knows better than falling for whatever gifts these companies are offering!

Don’t rush

Most people are compelled to invest rapidly in a company because of limited offers. Clients should put in mind that there are no shortcuts to investing. Always remember: all those advertisements of “once-in-a-lifetime” offers are just ways to pressure people into caving in. Resist the temptation and take time to consult real experts for effective risk management.

Invest Safely with Mount Equity Group

There is nothing wrong with desiring your money to grow. However, as the saying goes, “Nothing worth having comes easy.” Investing has many advantages–especially in the long run. Make sure to invest in a well-established company such as Mount Equity Group: We teach people to become financially literate and achieve the most from their money. 

Ready to invest? Feel free to contact us and talk to any of our investment advisors! 

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