Ajwa Quality Dates

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Ajwa date palm is one of the most lovable fruits of the palm tree. The Ajwa date palm is one of the most significant varieties of dates because it is considered an excellent nutrient source. The fruits of date palms contain large amounts of the nutrients, fiber, and vitamins needed to bring many health benefits to the body. Dry fruits organic date palms are called dried fruits or dried dates. www.dryfruitsorganic.com is an online platform for these dates. They are categorized by different flavors, sizes, and weights of the fruit. A good Ajwa has a black, curly, and delicate texture. Their seed powders also have multiple uses. 

Ajwa quality dates

The Ajwa quality dates are different from the Medina Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They have a distinctive round shape and a bright red shade, almost black. Ajwa is considerably drier than other varieties of dates and has a tremendously rich flavor with soft, smooth sweetness and a delicate texture. These dates are respected from an Islamic point of view and their health characteristics. 

Date palms are believed to be date palm caviar because their production is restricted to a small area of ​​Medina, and there are many Ajwa fans worldwide. Ajwa dates are delicious and exclusive dates from the Medina region.  

You will love our Ajwa quality dates at sunrise and sunset.

Origin of Ajwa Date 

Ajwa dates are cultivated only in Madina, the city of Saudi Arabia. Ajwa khajoor characters are dark brown to dark black with white folds/wrinkles. The Ajwa date palm is a soft dry fruit. These dates are a symbol of the traditional Islamic dishes, specifically during the month of Ramadan. 

Religious Facts About Ajwa Date 

The Prophet Muhammad (who has peace and blessings) mentions Sahih Muslim’s ajwa date, stating: 

This is not only Sahih Muslim but also hadith related to Sahih al-Buharley’s date palms.

Storage and Durability 

Date palms have high water content and should be stored in an open and closed container. It may start to ferment. Store in a frost-protected refrigerator, basement, or outdoors to prevent them from drying out. If the dates dry out a little over time, the sugar content is naturally high, and the dates will be maintained. Our dates are easy to hold for up to a year and become dry and complex over time. 

  • Soft date palms ( Astaka, Sukari Soft, Bawalini etc.) 
  • If possible, always keep it in the freezer. 
  • Let’s chill it in the refrigerator or freezer and eat it. It’s delicious when frozen!

Medium soft dates palms ( Medjool, Sukari Chewy, Anbara, etc.)  

  • Till 5 months: Store in the refrigerator 
  •  5 to 12 months: Store in the freezer 

Cool from the refrigerator or eat at room temperature.  

Hard/chewy date palms (Mabroom, Ajwa, Kabar, etc.) 

  •  Till 1 month: Can be stored at room temperature 
  •  Till 5 months: Store in the refrigerator 
  •  5 to 12 months: Store the data in the freezer 

At room temperature, you can get a better taste. If possible, it is advisable to keep the date in the freezer.

Date Uses and Preparation 

The date goes well with delicious dishes like this carrot salad. Ideal for sweetness during baking. For example, as homemade date palm syrup:

  1. For 200 g of syrup, mix 120 g of perforated date palm and 80 g of water.
  2. Soak for at least 4 hours or overnight.
  3. Drain the date, sprinkle with water and leave the puree until smooth.

Please check this out for details.

Benefits of Ajwa Dates

These are Ajwa’s leading health benefits that distinguish it from other dates;

Improvement of digestion 

Barari Ajwa dates have a considerable amount of dietary fibers. They are accommodating in enhancing the digestion process and food absorption in the digestive system. They also assist combat constipation problems. Therefore, Ajwa dates are helpful to boost the digestive system.  

Help in anemia prevention 

Date palms are remarkably suggested for people suffering from iron deficiency and anemia, and also recommended that humans have a high risk of conceiving this type of disease. Because khajoors have high iron levels than the human body, it would help if you produced enough red blood cells every day.

Important for bone health 

They contain high minerals and vitamins, mainly the calcium and phosphorus that make them. Incredibly useful for the health of bone. These nutrients assist prevent bone damage and loss. It also helps to quickly fix the injury and reduce the risk of bone disease. 

Make childbirth easier 

Eating Ajwa quality dates stimulates the uterus muscles and cervix, making childbirth more manageable and less pain during childbirth. Relieve the pain for women during the birth process.

Strengthening immunity 

Date palms have many essential nutrients, such as antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Eating dates regularly helps. To boost the body’s immunity and fight many infections and diseases.  

Cancer prevention 

One of the benefits of date palms can bring efficient benefits in deterring different chronic diseases and cancers. Numerous studies have stated that dates have equivalent impacts on several types of painkillers and antibiotics. 

Boost breast milk production 

Breastfeeding women are commonly recommended to eat Ajwa dates daily to improve and stimulate milk production. Women’s consumption of Ajwa during this critical period of their child’s life can significantly enhance the newborn’s immunity. 

Defense against heart diseases 

One of the main advantages of the well-known Ajwa quality date is that it has beneficial effects on the human heart and its circulatory system. It decreases unhealthy triglycerides in our blood and lowers the chances of heart attack and atherosclerosis.

Brain health improvement

Regular intake of Ajwa dates can decrease damaging oxidative processes that can happen and damage brain cells in different forms. Dates from Dry Fruits Organivcs also possess nutrients that help fight dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and reduce the risk of infection.  

Other benefits of Ajwa quality dates 

They have many other health advantages, including: 

  • Improves vision and sustains healthy eyesight.  
  • An excellent energy source. 
  • Consolation of seasonal allergic symptoms.
  • Increased fertility in both men and women due to daily consumption of Ajwa dates. 
  • Weight gain for those people who are extra bright.  

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