A Few Tips on Getting Hired as a Local Delivery Driver

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Local Delivery Driver

You would think that now that the pandemic isn’t such a great concern and most, if not all, businesses have gone back to normal hours that there would be less need for local deliveries. However, that isn’t the case at all. Could it be that consumers actually like being able to shop online without the stress of going shoulder-to-shoulder with other shoppers? Perhaps they don’t even want to do pick-up because of all the snow and nasty weather out there. For whatever reason, more companies than ever before are advertising for local delivery drivers and there doesn’t seem to be sufficient applicants that meet the requirements. Is this a job you might be interested in? If so, here’s a short guide on getting hired in your market area.

Proof of Competency

Unless you will be required to drive a big rig, chances are you will not need a CDL, Commercial Driver’s License. Most often you will be driving a company van or perhaps a small passenger car or SUV. In any case, one of the things you might want to consider is enrolling in one or more driver courses that can be taken 100% online. These show that you are interested in the job and willing to train for it, even at your own expense if necessary. Being able to substantiate training in the field goes a very long way to prove your interest in the job for which you are applying.

Safe Driver Record

One of the most common offenses and leading causes of traffic accidents is distracted driving. While you might not have been in an accident and cited for distracted driving, tickets are being written every day for this particular infraction. Sometimes an officer ‘might’ give you an official warning but with so very many accidents being caused by motorists texting on their mobile phones, they’ve taken a harder stance in recent times. Tickets like this and any mobile driving offense are some of the leading reasons why drivers are not hired for delivery jobs. If you have a clean driving record, you are one step closer to that job.

A Few Tips From Your Perspective

There is one thing that you need to be very careful of. Some local businesses will ask you what kind of vehicle you drive, and whether is it dependable. This is where you question why they need that information. If they want you to drive your own vehicle, you need to understand the implications of this. Bear in mind that your personal auto insurance will not cover you if you are in an accident while using your vehicle in the commission of work-related activities. In this case, it would be making deliveries.

A willingness to train for the job and take personal responsibility for doing things the ‘right way’ just might get you that job ahead of applicants with greater experience but a lesser sense of personal ethics. Your moral code might be the deciding factor, so never be afraid of following your conscience. In today’s world, an employee with a moral code can be a long-lost commodity and that is what just might put you behind the wheel once and for all!