A Complete Guide on Carport or Garage – Which One is Better?

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Every homeowner needs some extra space that serves the storage as well as the protection for their vehicles. Not every street has parking, so sometimes protecting your vehicles is more of a necessity, not an option. Here are the two popular options to shelter your vehicle: carports and garage. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages, but one thing is for sure that your car or any of your vehicles will be safe from hazardous weather. 

Snowstorms, windstorms, and bad rain can damage your vehicle. So, it may lead to serious repair costs and even the worst that your vehicle can’t be repaired. But, with a shelter, you can at least protect your vehicle from these weather conditions. Not just to protect your vehicle, shelter can also act as extra storage for your home. Different sizes, types, and materials are available in both of these shelters. So, if you decide to build some extra storage for your house, here is some valuable information that you can consider-

Difference Between The Garage And The Carport

Carports and garages are similar in many ways but yet different. Both of these structures offer protection from the different conditions and elements. You can connect them to the main standing structure of your home, or both of these structures can also act as freestanding structures. The main difference in the carport, whether it’s a single-stand carport or a double carport, and garage lies between their cost and how they look. Cost can depend on how these structures are built.  

Carports are built with at least two open sides, but still, it is built in such a way that they can keep the sun and rain away from your vehicle. The best carports are metal carports. The shelter and the structure are built fully with metal. Metal carports are durable and can resist any weather. Therefore, carport cost depends upon a number of such factors.

In comparison, garages are fully covered and enclosed structures. Also, the structure of the garage usually includes a door or large shutter to give you access to your vehicle. The fully enclosed structure of the garage gives you the full protection to their vehicle, but this also makes them way costlier than carports. 

Similarities Between The Caprot And the Garage

The main likeness is that both of these structures can be constructed independently from the house’s main building. Also, both of these structures provide protection to the vehicle and provide some extra storage if needed. 

Metal carports are strong structures and are less costly, durable, and need less space to be built. Similarly, garages are also strong structures but cost a little higher than metal carport structures. 

Which One Is More Suitable For You? Garage or Carport

Which structure will be the best for you totally depends on how you are planning to use it. So, here are some considerations that you can consider before deciding on it. 

  • How Many Vehicles Do You Have? 

The number of vehicles you have can play a big role in the choice of the structure. For instance, if you have one or two cars, you may consider building a carport, which will be way less costly than building a garage. Single carport can provide 90% protection to your vehicle from weather conditions. It will serve you as much as any garage and will protect your vehicle as well. 

  • What Kind Of Weather Do You Have In Your Area Throughout The Year? 

Rash weather conditions can badly damage your vehicle. So, you have to consider what kind of weather you have in your area throughout the years. If heavy rain, snowstorms, and wind streams are expected, regular carports might not be the best choice, but you can still consider a metal carport. However, in that case, a garage is the best to protect your vehicle. If you see only mild weather throughout the year, go with the carport then. Carport structures are the best to bear the mild weather. 

  • The Size Of The Structure 

Another important consideration is the size of the structure. The size of your vehicle can help you determine the size of the structure. A single-car carport can easily accommodate a small truck and a car. However, a single-shed carport does not provide you enough space and protection; go for the double-shed carport. However, if it is still not enough, you can choose the garage. The garage is often suitable for both small size and big size vehicles. 

  • How Much Money Do You Like To Spend On The Structure? 

Both the garage and the carport can be used to protect the cars. But, there’s a major difference in the way they are constructed and how they cost. Garages are a permanent structure and have a longer life than carports. They can be connected to your house or act as a freestanding enclosed structure. The garage has four fully enclosed walls and a base to support. So, the cost of the garage will be much higher than a carport. 

But on the other hand, a carport is not a fully enclosed structure and tends to cost less than the garage. Most of the carport structure does not include any walls and a door. The building cost of the structure may also vary as you can get customized carports online, which can save you the labor cost. The garage needs to be built from scratch, you may take help from your family and friends, but it will still cost you much more than a carport. However, if you decide to buy the garage online, you can save these extra efforts. 

  • Life Of The Structure 

Garages have a longer lifespan than metal carports. Garages are solid structures that can last for years. So, if you intend to linger in your home for a long time, go for the garage structure. However, in case you plan to sell your home in the upcoming years, then the best option for you is a metal carport as these carports can pay you the price. And can be easily transferred to the new location. So, choose accordingly. 

Key Takeaways

If you need to protect your vehicle from the weather conditions and other elements, a shelter is a must. You have the option of a garage and metal carport. However, before you decide to build or buy one, there are some important considerations, such as weather conditions, cost, and lifespan of the structure. Also, garages take time and cost to build, as do the metal carports. You can order customized carports and a garage to save you time. Lastly, we hope you find this information helpful.