A 4-Item Weekly Cleaning Checklist For Busy Homeowners

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Cleaning Checklist

Many people live a fast-paced life where they juggle multiple responsibilities, perform many daily tasks, and attend to their commitments. With so many things going on every day, you can’t afford to insert some time to clean your home daily. The best alternative for this is to schedule your cleaning session weekly instead.

No matter how busy you usually are, you probably have an off day on a weekend or midweek. It can be the best time to perform your cleaning chores on those days, for an hour or so. So, to make your cleaning task more organized and effective, it’s best to prepare a checklist. Hire the pro’s help if necessary or get support from Same-Day Rubbish Removal or other rubbish removal companies to get rid of rubbish every week.   

But if you choose to do it yourself, consider the following checklist to make your cleaning session more productive:

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is one focal point of any home. Hence, it’s best to keep it in its pristine condition. Since food is prepared and cooked in the kitchen, you want to ensure that the area is constantly clean. A clean kitchen doesn’t only affect the aesthetics of your home but also assures the health of your family.

Fortunately, with a couple of minutes, you can already do so much in keeping your kitchen clean. You can start by using a wet rag to wipe all the surfaces in the kitchen. It includes the countertops, cabinets, fridge doors, backsplash, and even kitchen walls. Then, you can proceed with the oven, microwave, and other appliances. Perform quick cleaning tasks for your kitchen tools and equipment.  

Finally, when you’re done wiping off different counters and surfaces, you can proceed to sweep the kitchen floors. Use a mop to remove stains and stubborn grime off the floor. When performing kitchen cleaning tasks, ensure to use safe cleaning solutions to avoid health issues with your family.

2. Bathroom

Many homeowners are not fond of cleaning the bathroom, which is understandable. The dirt and grime in the bathrooms can be stubborn and challenging to scrub. However, you don’t have to spend so much time cleaning your bathroom with the right tips and tricks. The key is to cover all areas sequentially. It will be easier to get things done if you invest in more efficient equipment. Also, purchase bleach and cleaning solutions that are more effective in dissolving dirt.

You can start by soaking the floors with bleach. You can wipe the mirror, faucet, walls, and surfaces while waiting until the floors are ready to be scrubbed. You can proceed to clean the toilet and wipe its exteriors. Finally, scrub and wash off the bleach from the floors, and you’ll end up with a squeaky-clean bathroom. 

3. Bedroom


The bedroom might be the constant place where clutter is found. Despite putting modern furniture to make your bedroom more personalized, it’s crucial to keep everything clean. You practically spend more time in your bedroom, so you might have used clothes and unfolded linens hanging here and there. For a quick weekly clean-up, you can start by getting rid of clutter. Organize your cabinets and displace all your personal belongings according to their original placements.

Next, you can wipe or dust off your dresser table, nightstand, headboards, cabinet doors, and frames. You can change the bed linens and curtains if needed. Finally, use a broom or vacuum cleaner to clean the floors.

Don’t leave a room while putting things away. It will help you stay on the task. The best tip is to organize and clean one room at a time. Items that seem out of place should be placed just outside the door and taken care of once you are done cleaning the room. It will save you time traveling back and forth to the current room you’re fixing.

4. Living Room

The next home area to give attention to is the living room. Since this is the most exposed part of the home, you must ensure that you do weekly cleaning in this part of the house. Check your living room and plan out how to clean every corner more productively. It’s best to use your vacuum and clean your sofa, curtains, and chairs. Take a wet rag and wipe the tables, cabinets, shelves, and any exposed or hidden nooks in the living room.  

Vacuum your carpets if you have one, or sweep the floor and mop it right after. Get rid of all pet hair and stains on the floor by using an effective cleaning solution or safe bleach. While cleaning the living room, don’t overlook cleaning the windows. Wipe it from the inside and ensure to usw the right window cleaning equipment and solutions. In this case, a microfiber cloth will do the trick and prevent streaks. 


Your home gives you comfort after a tiring day at school or work. Hence, it’s ideal to clean it regularly to ensure that the comfort it provides you remains topnotch. But because of your hectic schedules, you can’t always keep your home clean. Thankfully, by following the checklist above, you can keep your home clean despite having a busy schedule. It will also help you establish some good habits. You can organize and maintain your home regularly without taking too much time every week.

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