8 Need To Know Travel SEO Tips for Tour Companies and Tour Providers

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to attracting business online. In the tour and travel business, where the target audience can be both foreigners and domestic travelers from different provinces, you need to be highlighted when the keyword related to the industry is searched. More than 60% of travelers first research online before making a plan. Thus, hiring a travel SEO agency is a common idea that most businesses in the tourism sector opt for. You could Top travel SEO agency if you are looking for that.

However, if you are looking to initiate things at your level and plan to get the organic SEO boost for your tourism business, you won’t regret landing on the page. Well, as you might have seen from the title, the core of our discussion here today is travel SEO tips that tour companies can adopt to attract maximum business online. So, keep reading.

1. Understand the Searches

When you search for something on Google, several search results come out in a fraction of a second. When a keyword related to travel, tourism, etc., is searched, you have to observe how the results are displayed. The search display of Google keeps on changing constantly, and you have to track that. This is important when you try to place an advertisement and aim to mention the top 5 or 10 results that are being displayed. If you want to get the organic space there on searches, you have to assess your website based on the search algorithm and make changes accordingly.

2. Landing Pages 

Landings are essential, and they should be smooth and effective, as they say. Your landing pages make or break the situation as the users land on them. Thus, you have to make sure that they are adequate with clear headlines and well-highlighted Call to Action (CTA) buttons so that the user gets navigated easily.

3. Keyword Selection 

The keyword is the core that would help you rank higher in the search results, and hence you have to pay proper attention here. Google would rank your web page based on the keyword in search rankings. There should be a focus on generic or looking for information related to travel. Different keywords that attract attention to your services, like tourism package or tourist guides, etc., shall also be part of the mix. The content you put on your website must have this apt mix to drive up the website in the searches organically.

4. Quality

The talks about quality over quantity have been long discussed, and by now, everyone knows that quality is a clear winner. By saying so, we mean that the quality of the content you put on your web pages matters. There should not be keyword stuffing or marketing content to make the visitor on the website feel that they are brought here to purchase the services. Instead, try to answer the general queries. Say, for example, you can put something like ten must-visit places in Istanbul or Maldives, etc., so that the users who search for these countries or locations get to see your website. Google also ranks the pages based on the quality of information they provide.

5. Focus Mobile Users

Over 80% of the traffic online is driven by mobile users. Thus, you cannot ignore this vast audience. Make sure that your web pages are mobile-friendly and have a responsive web design. You must test your website for desktop, tablets, and mobile interface to ensure that there is no issue of responsivity as users access the web pages. Also, make sure that targeted mobile ad campaigns Google shall be utilized to enhance the visibility and clicks.

6. Local SEO

Ranking high in search results when people near your business location search something is crucial. Getting the local business to notice is more effective as it can get you more in terms of revenue generation. That is where local SEO comes in. You must target, or what we say, geo-target the advertisement or content more specifically on local users and check the outputs you are getting. Assess the search data of local users and then make changes as per observation to drive more traffic.

7. Verify And Claim

To get more attention and highlight and add a genuineness factor, you must verify your business on Google. Further, claim the location of your business on Google so that people can rate your services, and you can use it as something to highlight your credibility. Google reviews are an effective way to attract users.

8. Social Media 

To boost SEO, social media is inevitable. You need to build a plan for social media promotion and engage the audience there. You can post specific videos, say Instagram reels of tourism location or experience of your clients on social media or something about your services to keep the people engaged. Social media is a big platform to get noticed, and from there, you can drive traffic on web pages and portals through effective CTAs.


So, as we conclude the discussion, we hope you understand how organically you can boost your SEO. If you are looking to drive more traffic to the web pages, put the things discussed into action, and check out the results.