7 Brilliant Travel Hacks That Will Save You Money and Time

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Travel Hacks


Travel hacks are becoming increasingly popular with backpackers and hikers alike. Brilliant travel hacks can not only save you money, but they can also reduce stress on international or national tours.

These travel hacks will help you pack correctly, create a surplus on-board entertainment, book a lower flight, and plan your trip. Travel hacks can make your next adventure the best of your life.

It takes time to travel like a pro. You will face some difficulties and even the most difficult of situations. Do you want an easy solution? Simple. This list of travel hacks will save you from potential travel disasters. Some secrets and tips will make your travel experience much more enjoyable.

Save as much Space as Possible in Your Suitcase

When packing for a great trip, your luggage is never enough space. Rolling your clothes is a great way to pack. You can save a lot of space by rolling each item into a small tube. Rolling your clothes will help prevent wrinkles and ugly creases.

You don’t need to pack a lot of toiletries and grooming products in your lightweight backpacking bag. Instead, pack enough to last you an overnight stay. We know you will likely have plenty of beauty products. However, you can always buy a small-sized shampoo or conditioner if you run out.

Always Download Offline Maps

You never know when your data runs out or if your mobile operator has some connection problems. And at an unknown destination, this can be quite a big problem. While it is no longer possible to use an actual map, many believe Google Maps is equally useless without an internet connection.

You should know that you don’t have to lose your way if you don’t have access to WiFi or a patchy network. You can download Google Maps by clicking on the map in the area you wish to save and then pressing ‘download’.

Put Dryer Sheet/Towel in Between Your Clothes

After a few days of travel, your clothes will smell like dirty socks. Using a dryer sheet is a great travel hack to eliminate unpleasant odours. A dryer sheet can keep your clothes fresh and clean throughout your trip. If you don’t like dryer sheets, many natural options are available.

You can also make your essential oils with cotton balls, such as orange, lemon, lavender, geranium, and a little white vinegar.

Put a “Fragile” Sticker on Your Luggage (Even if it’s not)

This will ensure your belongings get the VIP treatment. You won’t need to wait long to pick up your luggage. Anything marked fragile goes to the top of the pile and is stored until it is sent out. You can request a fragile sticker at the counter and pay nothing more.

Avoid Roaming Charges by Obtaining Local Sim Card

Years ago, I returned to an enormous cell phone bill after my first international trip. Nowadays, swapping your SIM card for one local SIM card or buying an international package with your existing carrier is possible.

T-Mobile offers international data free of charge to anyone who is based in the United States. This has changed my life. I don’t have to worry about being without internet or finding WiFi. Surprisingly, few frequent travellers know this feature from T-Mobile.

Opt-Out for Choosing a Seat in the Plane

It is not something anyone wants to do. This is obvious. However, there are also pros and cons to other seats.

  • You can feel less motion sickness if you choose a seat higher than the wing.
  • Choose a seat right in front if you have a brief connecting time.
  • If you are travelling with someone else, consider a window or aisle seat towards the back of the plane. You can be sure that nobody will take the middle seat between yours unless the flight is full.
  • Window seats are great for sleeping during a flight.
  • An aisle seat towards the back of the plane is the best option if you prefer easy access to the toilet.
  • You may need to bring a small bag on the flight.

To find the best seat maps for your flight and to make notes about each seat, use SeatGuru. This website is essential if you are looking for the best seat on your next flight.

Stay Entertained During Your Flight

Many airlines provide inflight entertainment. However, it’s better to have a list of your favourite shows and podcasts ready for you. Before you fly, download podcasts, music, and audiobooks to ensure you’re occupied throughout your flight.

You can use your phone on the plane if you plan to watch movies and shows on it.


Flying in an aeroplane is something that everyone enjoys, no matter how much they dislike it. If you must fly, make it as fun as possible. In the meanwhile, check out ETIAS website for updated EU travel information. This list contains 7 of our top aeroplane and travel hacks to enhance your flight experience. It includes packing hacks, flight booking hacks, and airport hacks.

These tips will help you make your next trip as memorable as possible. 

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