6 Ways to Cleanse Your Lungs After Quitting Smoking

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6 Ways to Cleanse Your Lungs After Quitting Smoking

Want to quit smoking?

Believe it or not, it is the best decision that can keep you away from a short life span. When you smoke, the toxic compounds deposit in your lungs and bronchial tubes. There are unlimited effects of tobacco that can damage the lungs. Smoking also impacts your breath because it disrupts the body’s oxygenation. When you quit smoking, the lungs will begin to recover with time. But you can also learn to cleanse your lungs. Here, we will learn about lung cleanse.

Lung Cleanse – The What?

Lungs have a lot to do for our bodies, but we do not take their health seriously. Studies reveal that we need to focus on its health and do some exercise to maintain them. When you breathe, there are many pollutants, dust, and other particles in the air that can enter and damage the lungs.

One of the best lung specialists in Peshawar shared in his conference that even if you do not smoke, you can be a victim of secondhand smoke. Lungs cleanse themselves, but you can also help your lungs to work properly with some effective techniques. Lung cleanse is the solution that can prevent you from breathing issues, asthma, cystic fibrosis, etc.

Being a heavy smoker, a lung cleanse can let you breathe without difficulty. This is the time to learn some effective ways to cleanse the lungs naturally and let them get rid of extra fluids.

Cleanse Your Lungs to Avoid Shortness of Breath

Clean Vents and Change Filters

Daily cleaning is crucial, but you should also pay attention to home air filters. Every six months, replace your home filters, such as furnace filters, heating vents, air conditioning filters, etc.

It prevents you from inhaling pollutants and allows you to inhale some fresh air without the toxic elements.

Get Fresh Air by Spending Some Time Outside

Indeed, we need some fresh air too. When you go outside and inhale some fresh air, it will expand tissues in your lungs and help them to function properly. You can install an app on your mobile phone to check the pollution in your area and choose the day when there is low polluted air. An air filter mask can also help you to avoid air pollutants.

Chest Percussion

Tobacco can fill your lungs with fluids, but you can practice percussion at home. WHO also warns about the life-threatening effects of Tobacco. It is a technique that drains fluids from the lungs. You need to lie down with your head lowered. Tap lightly on your back and work from top to bottom.

This body posture works like drainage where you provide the fluids a chance to leave the lungs.

Choose Lungs-Friendly Diet

Eating unhealthy foods with smoking can damage your lungs and shorten your lifespan. Damaged lungs cause breathing problems. Foods and drinks that contain anti-inflammatory properties can prevent airway inflammation. Such foods help to breathe easier. Vitamin D is also the best way to reduce the symptoms of asthma. You can get vitamin D from salmon, eggs, and sardines.

Follow some Deep Breathing Exercises

To improve your lung function, you need to learn some breathing exercises. People who currently smoke or who have had. They should cleanse their lungs with some deep breathing exercises.

A spirometer is a tool that is made for breathing exercises. Surgeons suggest this exercise to the patients who have surgery. It helps to recover them. Pursed lip breathing and belly breathing help to cleanse your lungs and improve breathing.

Avoid Artificial Scents

It often happens that your lungs get irritated, and you have no idea about the reason. People who use wax candles, air fresheners, scented candles, etc. but they often contain chemicals that are not good for the lung’s health. You should also prefer natural cleaners to avoid lung irritation.

If you are planning on taking pills to cleanse your lungs, forget it. There is no evidence about the pills that they can cleanse lungs.


You should make healthy choices for your lungs because they also do a lot for us, Right?

It takes time to quit smoking but once you do it, you can see the incredible changes in your life. So, prevent yourself from practicing some breathing techniques and healthy food.