5 Smart Ways to Crop a Shirt

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What is the simplest way to crop a shirt? Take your scissors and let your imagination go wild! There are many ways to produce a crop top and a completely new shirt from what you currently own. Turning your old T-shirts into stylish and contemporary crop tops is the best way to enhance them. You don’t need to know how to use a sewing machine to get started. Your T-shirts can still be cropped and look great without it. PollyPark is a solution to find a sports shirt. Cropping your hoodie, gym shirt, or strappy top is another option. Let’s have a look at how.

Quick and Easy Cropping a T-Shirt

It’s preferable if you try on the shirt you wish to cut before cutting it. This is how you’ll figure out where the section you want to crop is on your body. Do you know how to select the best way to cut a shirt into a crop top and where to cut it? It’s simply to try on the T-shirt with a pair of matching pants and observe where the bottoms begin.

Now you’ll need something to mark the spot on your shirt where you want to cut it. A marker, pen, or clip can be used. Just make sure this location is well identified. It doesn’t have to run the length of the T-shirt. Alternatively, a simple dot will suffice. Remove your shirt and place it on a flat surface. Cropping a shirt while wearing it is absolutely not a good idea. You can wind up shortening it incorrectly and unevenly.

Instead of normal scissors, use sewing scissors. Sewing scissors are less expensive than conventional scissors, yet they cut through the material considerably better. You cut the shirt, but make sure to leave a couple of centimeters below the designated spot. This will ensure that your shirt does not get ruined. If you make a mistake, you can always cut more. Cropping it too short is the worst thing you can do. Cotton t-shirts have a tendency to roll, so keep that in mind when cutting. Always give yourself one or two cm more than you have marked initially.

Folding Over the Shirt

Dress a shirt, make a mark, and attach a clip or a dot in the same way you did in the first tutorial. Instead of cutting your garment straight along the marked side, fold it in half. Then cut it with your sewing scissors. Remember to allow one or two centimeters of fabric so you may quickly cut additional if the length isn’t to your liking.

Sides Cut Shirt

This blog is for you if you’ve ever wondered how to cut a shirt on the sides. Trust us, it’s quite simple, and you’ll finish up with a brand-new T-shirt. You must lay the shirt down on a level surface. Then snip the bottom band off with your sewing scissors. Remember to keep your cut away from the stitch line.

You’ll need a ruler or a tape measure for this project. On both sides of the shirt, measure about 5 inches from the bottom hem. Make a chalk mark on the wall. Cut a straight line from the sleeves to the designated location now. Begin by cutting down to the mark from the corner where the shoulder meets the sleeve.

Shirt Fringes on the Side

Place your big T-shirt flat on the ground. By adding side fringes, you can improve it. They’re back in style, so you’re sure to look terrific. You’ll need to take a measurement of the front of the shirt to figure out how much to cover and where to cut. After you’ve sorted that out, fold the shirt in half, front to back, with the front on the outside. Make sure everything is straight and level.

You can start cutting after you’ve lined everything up. Don’t cut too much material; just enough to get to the dot you marked earlier. Begin cutting strips from the bottom of the T-shirt to the top. Strips can be as wide as 3/4 inches or as narrow as an inch. You can now open the garment and turn it inside out. If you want, you can cut fringes on the back.

Fringes can be pulled and stretched to add length. After that, you’ll need to locate the strips’ center. Don’t be concerned if they’re the same size. They should be cut in half. Then bind them together in a knot. Don’t skip the strips and make sure they’re nice and tight.

How to Crop a Shirt Smartly? Cut Slits on the Back

Choose a shirt to cut and put it flat on a flat table. You can choose between a patterned or plain shirt, but know that after cutting it, it will become a stunning and fashionable item. Grab the bottom of your hem and the centre of your collar and turn it on its side. Make sure the area you’ll be cutting is clean and smooth. Remember to align the sleeves as well. Cut through the shirt with the scissors.

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