5 Must Have Items for Your Nuclear Survival

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Nuclear Survival

As a survivalist, you already know that one of the best weapons that you can have is your survival equipment and supplies. However, you might be surprised at how little these things cost these days! For the average survivalist, it might be worth buying survival equipment or supplies in addition to a survival kit or two if you have several days or weeks until an emergency. But what if you’ve got a disaster or emergency only for a couple of days? If you don’t, you will want to find out all you can learn about some of the different survival equipment and supplies out there so that you know exactly what to buy.

Survival Equipment or Supplies

When you buy your survival equipment or supplies, you will start with the essentials. Save huge with coupon codes, vouchers, and specific offers from MIRA Safety Coupon Code. No matter what disaster you may be facing, nuclear survival gear will consist of food, water, and shelter. Food is essential no matter the situation, but it is especially vital during the first 72 hours after a disaster or emergency. Water is also crucial as it will help keep your body functioning correctly and keep you from getting dehydrated. The shelter is also essential whether you’re in a building or not, so make sure you include some tents or portable buildings with emergency shelters.


No matter where you live, your essential survival equipment and supplies will consist of some form of knives, blankets, clean water, and fuel for your generators or power tools. There are some smaller items that you might want to consider bringing along for the sake of survival as well, such as unique eye masks that will protect you from radiation while you are looking for the appropriate survival equipment or supplies. Certain foods are considered survival food, such as canned goods and freeze-dried foods, which you should make sure you bring along on your trip.

Hygiene Supplies

Another thing that people don’t think about is their hygiene supplies. Hand sanitizers and wipes, toothpaste, bandages, and disinfectant are all things that we take for granted when we go to the grocery store but could be vital to survival if a disaster strikes. Your survival equipment and supplies necessary for personal hygiene will include face towels and hand gel, as well as disinfectant, antibacterial soaps and lotions, cotton balls and sponges, toilet paper, toothbrushes, mouthwash, and shaving cream, among other things. Your bathroom supplies should include clean water, hand sanitizer, shaving soap, shaving gel, and more.

Clean Water & Food is Very Important for Survival

As I mentioned before, food and water are essential and one of the most critical components of your survival equipment and supplies list. You must have plenty of food and water available for you and your family while stranded or waiting for rescuers to arrive. Depending on the size of the disaster that you are prepared for, you might not need to stock up extensively on food and water supplies; however, it never hurts to be ready at all times. Having access to clean water and food is very important for survival.

The clothes you choose to wear will also depend on the climate and the location of the disaster or incident. General Coupons the tragedy is in the Pacific Northwest, and it is cold; it is essential to pack some thermal long-sleeved shirts and a pair of long pants. These can be a great way to keep warm during the evening and into the night.

First Aid Kit

Something else that is extremely important for disaster preparedness is a first aid kit. Even if there is no emergency, it is still possible for sickness or injury to strike you, your family members, or your friends. As a result, you must have adequate supplies on hand to help deal with the emergency quickly and efficiently. You can easily do this by purchasing several items from your local hardware store and stocking them within your kit. Even having a small first aid kit can make a huge difference in your ability to survive during an emergency.


When it comes to having enough food and water for a nuclear survival situation, you may want to consider stocking an emergency food supply. This could include dehydrated and freeze-dried foods along with a variety of healthy snacks. It is also essential that you buy your survival food in bulk so that it is easy to stow away in different places. Having access to water is vital. A small water storage system can go a long way towards helping you deal with emergencies that may arise.

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