4 Ways to Make Attention Grabbing Videos Worth Knowing!

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Did you know that every platform uploads more than 500 hours of video content every minute? Every day, more than 1 billion hours of video content (at least) live on the top platforms. The challenge is how we make videos so that they can appear among the millions of videos that are in the top position. You can use an online video editor to suit the audience’s needs. But how to make the video catch the attention of the audience?

How to Make Attention-grabbing Videos on Social Media

There are many ways to increase video audience, one of them is by using the best video editing tools. Please follow this article to understand how to make an attention-grabbing video.

1. Use the Magnetic Thumbnail Technique

Video is still a video image and is a preview of what is coming. Like the cover of a book, isn’t that what influences your buying decision? As they search, viewers see thumbnails – and make decisions. The number of views depends on it—the better the thumbnail, the more views.

How do you know the contents of every file on your laptop? Yes, from the title. But what do you do if the title is similar or depicted with numbers and you want a specific photo? You will click on the thumbnail view, where you can check and upload. That’s how thumbnails for videos work, and creators use thumbnails to entice viewers to watch videos.

Use the Custom Thumbnail Feature

Custom shows the topic of your video. Add the best visuals to showcase your identity and brand.

Why Customize Thumbnails

If the video doesn’t have a thumbnail, the platform will. The problem is that the thumbnail might be your silly facial expression. Create videos online that are least appealing to viewers. Why would anyone want to watch a video that doesn’t look professional? You can indeed choose a thumbnail from the many alternatives that the platform provides. But that doesn’t mean it can be as enjoyable as you customize it.

2. Create a Captivating Clickable Title

How to find the desired video from the many available? Your search and the search with the appropriate title will be displayed. That’s the importance of a video. For a video to appear in search results, the video’s title must have keywords. But that’s not all. And to be at the top of the search results, the title must start with a keyword.

3. Tips for Making the Right Video Title

The platform closely observes user interactions with videos. If the user clicks on it and leaves, the platform considers it a clickbait title for the content that doesn’t serve and bury the video. Scroll down for great tips for better titles.

Use Number To Increase CTR

If the video is a guide to, increase the number of tips included in the video. Adding a number will increase the Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

Create an Emotional-Looking Title

Many read the title, but few see the content. The emotional component of the title helps engagement. Generate emotions (joy, confusion, sadness, and curiosity) to increase your CTR and build your standing in front of the audience. The right strategy is to use exciting words that don’t scare your audience.

Words and Phrases

Use strong words to persuade viewers to watch the video. Target with words that trigger an emotional response. Adding even a single power word (unique, extraordinary, affordable) to a title can increase CTR. Captivate audiences with a catchy and unique title that doesn’t exceed 70 characters. Use keywords, including numbers, words of emotion and power, and a catchy title. Capitalize each word for added weight.

4. Interesting First Five Minutes

Many videos are available on the same topic, and the viewer’s attention span is short. They watch the first 5 seconds to find out the tone of the entire video. This means you only have a lot of time to get their attention. If you fail to take advantage of them early on, they’ll jump on to something that interests them more.

Tips for a More Interesting First 5 Seconds


Upload your videos on platforms that load videos quickly. Fast loading Hosting Platforms are preferred over slow ones.

Irrelevant Cut

Involve users, and make them curious more. Jump to the topic and show the best relevant parts of your video. Please keep it simple, don’t confuse the audience. This is the practice, to begin with, of logos. You will lose some precious seconds by doing it. Place your logo in the corner of the screen to display throughout or at the end.

Professional Looking Videos

Without editing, the entire filmmaking can completely waste time and effort. Use an online video editor to fine-tune the flow between cropping, blending, and sound effects.


75% of online traffic is made up of video watchers, and two-thirds (of them) prefer videos of 60 seconds or less. Viewers very rarely click on long videos. The plan is to make a short and exciting snack video.


There are many things on the internet today, and the need is to rise above to be noticed. Walk harder to get viewers to click on your video and watch it in its entirety. Provide absorbable, visually unique content for an emotional connection with your audience. Use an online video editor for better effect.

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