3 Indoor Car Games to Keep the Kids Busy on a Road Trip

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If you’ve got kids and you’re planning a road trip, they always seem to be fighting over what to do, especially if it’s longer than an hour. That’s why it’s important to have some car games at the ready to keep them occupied. Unless you want a meltdown on your hands. Tobbi has offered some entertainment for car driving. Here are three car games that are sure to keep them busy and happy!

3 Indoor Car Games to Keep the Kids Busy on a Road Trip

1. Travel Bingo

I use a bingo card to keep track of my travels on a physical piece of paper. I write out all the places I want to go and then check them off when I’ve been there. I’ve been to 37 countries and I’ve only left North America and Europe blank. I intend to do so for as long as I can. I love to travel, but it takes a toll on your mental health. As the pandemic has developed over the past few months, I’ve seen the dark side of our international travel capital. Many have taken to social media to air their grievances about the cities and airports they’ve visited, to the point of madness. Unfortunately, it seems that the virus has done nothing to quell the worry and, in fact, has spurred on it.

Many are very vocal about how much they hate the coronavirus, yet feel fine when they return home. In their minds — or their incomplete travel documents — they’ve presented themselves as healthy and able to do whatever they please. If we can look at our emotional health through the lens of our physical health, we can do some maintenance.

I keep a bingo card in my wallet just in case I travel well and run out of places to go. Or if I get seriously bored and want to use the world as a Netflix show set in the 1980s.

I don’t gamble, but I do choose to put my money on something I bet on. I bet a small amount on each trip. If I win, I put the winnings in an envelope and throw the envelope away. If I lose, I don’t sweat the loss because I lost a small amount and I’ve already experienced the victory of returning home with a little cash in my pocket.

2. Traffic Jam Puzzle

1. The puzzle works this way: there are four cars in a traffic jam, and they’re all facing the same direction. The first car is 9 feet from the second car, the second car is 9 feet from the third car, and the third car is 9 feet from the fourth car. How far apart are the first and fourth cars? If you saw the illustration above at the top of the page, you would know that the first car is 9.27 feet away from the second, third, and fourth cars. This distance is a thing called the “traffic load”: the more cars are in a row, the further away they are. 2. The speed limit is 55 miles per hour. The puzzle works this way: there are four cars in a queue, behind which is a speed camera. The car behind the camera is said to be the “queue scanner”, and it must go at least 55 miles an hour to join the rest of the cars.

3. Which of the following is true: there’s a ticket posted on a pole opposite the driver’s seat of the car in front of you? It’s true that you can see a ticket posted on a pole against the driver’s seat of the car in front of you.

4. The top of the puzzle is a rectangle that has four sides, and each side is black. The front of the puzzle is white, the back is gray, and a black stripe runs up the middle.

5. The first car was traveling at 55 miles an hour, and the second car was traveling at 55 miles an hour. The third car was traveling at 55 miles an hour but was traveling faster than the second car. Which was heavier? The first car was slightly heavier than the second car.

6. The second car was ahead of the third car in line, and ahead of the fourth car in line. The traffic was backed up; cars were mixing in with other cars.

3. License Plate Game

You may have heard of something called the license plate game. This is where you try to find license plates from different states while you’re traveling. Fun, but not very effective.

Back in the day, Mumbai had a couple of major piracy hotspots. Mumbai police cracked down on them and deleted a lot of pirated files. As a result, “Mumbai Police” became a famous phrase. Sometime later, the TV show “Black Mirror” came out. And then “South Park”. Soon there were memes and YouTube videos about all these cities. There was a lot of talk on Twitter and some news channels started reporting on it. People began sharing these memes and videos on their hashtags. And so the phrase “Mumbai Police” began trending.

It didn’t last too long. People started arguing over its meaning and it became irrelevant. But the point is that it did start something. So never say never. Maybe next time a “Mumbai Police” tag will pop up.

Road trips with kids can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be that way! These car games are sure to keep the kids occupied and happy for hours on end.

Car games are a great way to pass the time on a long road trip with kids because it’s a great way to keep them occupied and happy. They can be a bit stressful for the parent, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some of our favorite car games that will keep the kids occupied and your sanity intact! Dragons Den: Back to the Lab is a wonderfully charming car game. It’s addictive, quick, and fun to play with your kids. It’s a good way to get them excited for the Lab racing event that’s coming up next week. Of course, it helps that it looks like one of the biggest franchises in gaming. Every parent loves their kid’s drawings, and there’s nothing better than drawing with them. It allows us to have a casual afternoon activity, and it lets them have the last word. If you have kids, you know what it’s like getting to the end of the activity and almost finishing your drawing in one sitting. This game is a favorite for many parents. Made by none other than Diego Guzik, the creator of the hilarious Subway Surfers series.

Nonono, this one is not about killing zombies! It’s more about making sure that your kid doesn’t die. If you are a parent and have had a huge amount of fun with a movie with your kid, it can be a bit hard to see them enjoy the end of a film the same way you did. Not to worry! This game can help. With the flick of the wrist on your phone, you can tell the movie to go away. Nope, you can’t say that out loud, but that’s what this game is all about!

Hear Me Out matches two or more kids against each other. The object is for the kids to guess the identity of each other’s favorite music. As the kids play, they are given different opportunities to learn about each other. Ours was opposites, so we often switched along with the music and spoken words as the game progressed.

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