15 of the Best Android Fighting Games

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The most appealing aspect of fighting video games is that your brutality is unnoticed for the most part. You can hit as many people in the face as you want without causing any harm. Indeed, the games on this list admonish you for punching people in the face. Also, they have kicked anyhow. And shoot lasers at them from your hands.

Because this is a list of the finest fighting games accessible for Android at the moment for free download, Arcade fighters, mid-core smashers, and card-based brawlers are all available. We can almost guarantee that you’ll find the perfect fighting game on this list.

When you visit the Android play store, you can download any of these games. If you’re interested in any of these titles, you may find them on the Google Play store by searching for them.

1. Shadow Fight Arena

The latest installment in the Shadow Fight series requires you to assemble a squad of fighters to punch the shadowy shivers out of other gamers worldwide. It’s incredibly mobile-friendly, and there’s always combat waiting for you. It also looks fantastic.

2. Marvel Contest of Champions

Among the most famous smartphone combatants. You’re assembling a squad of your beloved Marvel good and bad guys and then facing off against several other AI and player-controlled squads for victory. It’s simple to pick up but extremely difficult to master.

3. Ninja Warrior: Legend of Shadow Fighting Game

If you’re familiar with ancient Japan’s famed ninja warriors, Ninja Warrior: Legend of Shadows Fighting Game will entice you immensely. It packs dazzling special effects and high-quality visuals into a small footprint. It consumes little system resources and is compatible with practically all Android devices running version 4.1 or higher. As a proficient ninja, you’ll possess superhuman strength and agility. It features a superb fighting system and fascinating objectives in which players may earn experience and vital supplies. Play aggressively and earn new abilities as you explore a diverse selection of environments.

4. Real Boxing 2

Whereas most of the other videogames on this list are mere fantasy, Real Boxing 2 is decidedly more grounded. The controls are intuitive; the brutality is on the verge of being brutal; there will always be someone to throw your giant fists at.

5. The 3D Wrestling Revolution

If you’re a WWE fan, Wrestling Revolution 3D is a must-have. It is a multiplayer fighting game with various settings and customizable gameplay. This game’s control scheme is quite adaptable. It is compatible with Android gamepads and is designed for use with the Nvidia Shield. The game’s settings are authentic and provide a perfect vibe thanks to the game’s 3d solid graphics. Join the authoritarian wrestling society for free, and there is an option to subscribe to the pro version. The game’s performance has been optimized to work on most Android devices.

6. Cobra Kai: Card Fighter

This one is a little unique. Rather than bashing the screen to create combos, you’ll be dropping cards to throw your fists and feet in the proper vicinity of your opponent’s face. It’s pretty extensive, and there’s also multiplayer to get into.

7. Brawlhalla

If you prefer your combatants to be fast and furious and battle alongside three other opponents, Brawlhalla is your video game. There is a wide range of warriors to choose from and various modes, and the game also works flawlessly on a touchscreen.

8. Rowdy City Wrestling

It’s time to add some fun to the list. Rowdy City Wrestling does not take pugilism lightly, instead of incorporating absurd mechanics, gigantic characters, and various other elements. It is not superficial, yet you will fall in love with the sport within minutes.

9. Skullgirls

A far more conventional scrapper. Lots of new characters with combinations and special moves to master, anime-inspired graphics, and the kind of dazzling neon finishes that will have you drooling.

10. Street Fighter IV

One of the greatest fighting games of all time-compressed and modified to fit perfectly in the grip of your hand. It’s not as enjoyable as playing in an arcade with a controller and some big hefty buttons, but it’s not bad either.

11. Transformers: Forged to Fight

We needed to include some robots on this list, and no machines are better than the Transformers. This is a solid, enjoyable combatant that isn’t particularly unique, but did we forget it has Transformers?

12. EA Sports UFC

Another brawler with a more realistic feel. This one has all of your most significant MMA competitors and is packed with painful-looking punches, kicks, and dealing. If you’re searching for a fighting game that will make you sweat and agonize, this is it.

13. Virtual Gym Fighting

Join the people of Virtual Gym Fighting and fight your way to the top position as a gym trainer. It is one of the most popular action games for Android users, including furious fights in various genres. There are options for life-or-death duels with other players. It works flawlessly on the majority of updated Android smartphones. The game’s interface is straightforward, and it features high-quality 3D graphics. It features a variety of martial arts-themed battles and challenges.

14. Real Superhero Kung Fu Fight Champion

This time, we’re going to have a look at the visually impressive martial arts-based game series Real Superhero Kung Fu Fight Champion. The game has a diverse cast of superheroes and Kung Fu masters. The in-game environments are well-designed and bug-free. The game has been fine-tuned to run well on the most powerful Smartphones. There are workouts designed to acclimate you to the rules and tactics of combat.

15. Terra Fighter 2

Another scary fighting game is available for your Android device. Terra Fighter 2 is the game. This bloodthirsty Wargods action game features high-definition visuals and quality. Essentially, it is a kung fu fighting game with an appropriately horrific sound effect. There are numerous weapons that you can use whenever you like. Apart from those weapons, you can fight your opponents with punches, kicks, and hand-to-hand combat. To be sure, becoming a pro in this sport is not simple. To do so, you must be extremely quick and competent.

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