13 Benefits of Blackout Curtains

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Blackout Curtains

You probably don’t give blackout curtains much thought, but they are an essential part of your home’s interior design. They can help you sleep better and reduce the cost of heating and cooling bills.

If you’re thinking about putting up new curtains in your bedroom, why not take a look at these 13 benefits first?

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1. Improve Sleep Quality

Blackout curtains will help you to sleep more deeply throughout the night by blocking out environmental light pollution. This means that less time is spent tossing and turning because you’re waiting for the sun to come up or trying to get back to sleep after waking early. According to some experts, our body’s biological clock works on circadian rhythms determined by daylight hours; sleeping during dark hours helps us sleep better.

2. Save Money on Heating/Cooling Bills

Blackout curtains will not only help you sleep better, but they can also save you money during the winter and summer months. That’s because the temperature stays more consistent throughout your home when blackout curtains are used in conjunction with other insulation methods, such as using an air conditioner or heater.

3. Eliminate Glare

Windows that allow sunlight to stream through are responsible for glares that make it difficult to watch television or read a book indoors. Blackout curtains eliminate this issue because all light is blocked out, making it easier to do things indoors. This means that reading won’t feel like a chore because there is too much glare coming from outside lighting sources, and it also means that you won’t strain your eyes when watching TV or using your computer.

4. Enhance Decor

Blackout curtains will bring a new level of design to any room, especially if the color chosen is dark and vibrant. The main benefit of this point is that existing decor will be enhanced because the light isn’t piercing through windows like daggers throughout the day, making it difficult to enjoy other elements in your room. You can also select blackout fabrics with patterns on them to create an even more striking effect; choose different textures for different products.

5. Reduce Noise Pollution at Night-Time

You need peace and quiet at night so that you can get a good night’s rest at school or work the next day. Traffic and planes flying overhead can keep people awake at night, so blackout curtains will help you to reduce noise.

6. Save Time Cleaning Curtains

Laundry time is usually the bane of most adults’ existence, but blackout curtains do all of the work on their own without any help or effort on your part. All you need to do is pull your drapes closed each morning after opening them up in the afternoon. This also means that there is no need for harsh cleaning chemicals either since dust particles are blocked out, meaning that you’ll save money on purchasing these products as well.

7. Increase Privacy within Your Residence

Blackout curtains for windows will make it more difficult for people outside of your home to see inside and provide you with more privacy. People won’t be able to stare into your home from the outside because all light is blocked out, which means that fewer strangers have the opportunity to see inside your space. This point goes hand in hand with enhancing decor, but it also has the additional benefit of creating a sense of security within your own residence.

8. They’re Inexpensive

Blackout curtains are relatively inexpensive compared to other insulation methods and generate a sense of warmth throughout a room. For example, you can purchase them at around $10-$20 per panel on average these days, so they don’t require a significant investment on your part when decorating a room or redecorating existing drapes.

9. Easy to Clean

Blackout curtains are easier to clean than most other types of drapery because they don’t need any attention when it comes to dust particles. The dust has a way of sticking to fabrics like microfiber, chenille, and other materials, making them appear dirty after minimal use. This point goes along with the previous one since you don’t need to purchase additional cleaning products, and these types of curtains are water-resistant, which means that you can machine wash them when necessary.

10. Creates a Modern Feel

Blackout curtains have a modern feel that other types of drapes lack, which means that you’ll be able to bring a sense of contemporary style into the room. Having these types of drapes will allow you to change up any room without having to break out the credit card and create a new look because they increase the esthetic appeal without requiring any effort on your part. This is one of the benefits that will appeal to many people looking for ways to spruce up their homes without spending much money or time doing so.

11. Provides Insulation

Another benefit of blackout curtains is that they provide insulation during cold months, which means that this material will help to prevent heat from escaping the room. If you’re one of those people who can’t stand being cold during wintertime, blackout drapes are a solution for you since they keep out drafts and cold air so that you won’t have to deal with it coming into your home each time someone opens the door to exit.

12. Adds a Layer of Security

Certain types of blackout curtains, such as those made from metal or wood, add a layer of security to your home because they can be used in place of blinds for windows. Metal rods work well in blocking out prying eyes from outside while still allowing you to see outside, and they require a reliable mechanism to get through them, which will delay people from breaking in. Similarly, wooden slats are practically impenetrable to anyone trying to break them down or get inside of your home without permission. These types of curtains can also be used as a substitute for storm doors if you’re looking for a way to increase the amount of security in your home.

13. Keeps Out Unwanted Insects

Blackout curtains are not only great when it comes to insulating your room with heat, but they’re also effective at keeping out unwanted insects during the hot months. One of the benefits that many people like about these drapes is that they come lined, which means that the lining keeps some insects from getting inside while still allowing a certain degree of ventilation to flow throughout. This is great for dealing with issues such as mosquitoes and other bugs during the summer months when they have a tendency to swarm around open windows or doors.

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