10 Things You Must Know Before Trying a Logo Design

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Logo designing is not a general piece of art or image. There is an idea and descriptive cause behind designing a particular logo either for a company or a brand and for a manufactured product. It is a brief description of the brand in the form of an artistic presentation. It is a concept with a story in its background. It is a short description of the brand. There is a famous saying, “The first impression is the last impression.” and it truly applies in the scenario of how your Logos represent your brand or product and business. Logo designing is a skill that you can acquire by considering the ten things explained below.

1) Describe the Selected Market You have Emphasized

The logo designing service providers or those who want to design a logo for their company, organization, firm, or business must consider what type of market they are targeting? Many other competitors might be providing the same niche of services or products. Before start designing a logo, study the market first. It is not emphasized that you need to follow the trend like “go with the flow.” but you need to be picky according to the market. To stand out aloud among the crowds before designing your logo, you must research the targeted market first.

2) Plan According to the Ground Realities

The gateway to successfully design the logo you are planning to, consider the ground realities associated with the logo you are about to generate. Research great detail about the product, brand, company, or organization you are designing the logo for. Discuss with and give and take the suggestions for whom you are creating the logo. After finishing your groundwork, start thinking of a solid base to compose the design of your logo.

3) Brain Storming

Think freely, without any restrictions to your thought process. On the contrary, use the clues and tips of logo designing from other examples as food for thought. This practice must bring you an outcome that is realistic and applicable. The result should be in the form of a basic concept or an idea of the design pattern that best suits and meets the desired structure of the logo.

4) Be Precise and Accurate

To conceptualize the solid bases of your design, make a bold step to start sketching your ideas on a medium. While putting your conceptual design on paper or any other medium, make sure the verges of thoughts are not exiting the limits that may lose your focus from the base of the concept. Don’t beat about the bush and stick to the pattern of your idea. By sticking to the main idea and vision, you will be able to achieve the finished design of your logo.

5) Resemblance

The design of the logo must resemble the characteristics of the company or organization you are designing the logo for. This resemblance could be with many things such as the company’s location, the motives, vision, and mission of the company, the most popular product or brand of the company, or branding the name of the company itself. In short, the relativity between the logo and the company must be as much as possible so that the people can understand and relate the logo with the functionality and characteristics of the company.

6) Presentation and Uniqueness

The logo should be versatile and unique. Of course, being unique is the primary requirement to design the logo, but uniqueness should be in terms of its beauty and style, shape and outlook, firmness, and smoothness; all of these features must be attractive. The presentation of the logo in regards to its colours and structure must catch an eye upon it.

7) Decide Which Type of Logo Suits the Best

There is no other option, but you have to either decide yourself or demand the type of logo to be created. It could be iconic, or it could be pictorial. Or it could be just the name of a business or a company or a product written stylishly as a piece of art. It also depends on the type or niche of the company, organization, or product you create the logo for.

For instance, a pictorial logo will be more appealing for a restaurant, but the textual or iconic logo will be a soberer looking for an audit firm or a bank.

8) Symbols, Fonts, and Colors

The symbolic representation and the choice of colours and fonts are significant in designing a logo. The combination of three of them must match each other. Think thoroughly before you select the combination.

9) Creativity

Being creative means, you are initiating and launching something new that was never seen before. If your mind is constructive and your imagination is boundless, that means you got the quality of creativity. You can visualize and observe the objects in a different way.

10) Simplicity

The beauty of simplicity is undeniable. No matter how lustrous your logo could become but make sure it is simple to be understood. It should be like if someone has a quick look over it, they will understand what it is all about. You can create logos just like the Logo design service UAE does for its customers and clients.

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