10 Steps to Become an iPhone Game Developer

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Creating an iPhone game is an easy task that doesn’t require much expertise in programming. Follow the given ten easy steps to become an iPhone game developer. Before starting, the first and foremost thing, the essential requirement for creating anything related to iOS, is to buy a Mac and an iPhone. Your Mac and iPhone don’t have to be a brand-new recent model. Mac is the first basic necessity to become an iOS developer. Mac mini is a budget-friendly option with excellent specifications and improved efficiency. If you want to hire an iPhone game developer, you must¬†employ an iPhone game developer.

1. A good game idea

The first step to creating something is to generate an original idea based on a theme. A game idea can be simple yet effective. Let’s take the example of angry birds. The basic concept was to use a slingshot loaded with birds to target and attack. But the critical difference is the story built around the idea and the game’s simplicity. The main plan is to create an idea or an inspired idea to attract the audience. The concept’s target audience and market scalability are also essential to capture the users. Your vision must be unique and shouldn’t be an already existing and successful game concept.

2. Tools for developers

Xcode is the most prominent development tool for iOS developers. Xcode can easily be installed from the Apple store for free. Objective C is the language required for the development of iPhone applications. If programming is not your cup of tea, you can very well access databases with drag and drop libraries. Flash-enabled games can easily be converted to iPhone games. Some open-source platforms for game development are Cocos2d-x, Godot Engine, DeltaEngine, Starling, Panda3D, etc. This software will be handy and practical for beginners. This is way better than starting game development from scratch.

3. Use free Game Development tutorials

Tutorials are the best helping tools to learn game development. Many free tutorials are available on YouTube and other websites without any charge. You can learn the basics of Objective C programming with the help of these tutorials. If you feel Swift is the best choice, then go for it. Generally, for iPhone app development, Programming C is recommended. It is advised to take the best from free tutorials. Many free iOS game development tutorials are available on various sites. There are many more sources other than the above websites. These tutorials have step-by-step tutorials for beginners with detailed descriptions.

4. Reach out for help

If you are stuck up while doing any tasks, reach out and ask for help from anyone. Specific steps or processes might be complicated or different. Nowadays, there are many options to outsource. Networking apps like LinkedIn Facebook are great choices to contact experts and get their advice.

5. Create your app with specifications

Once your backend work and all the programming works are done, go ahead, and you can start to add all the attributes, special effects, video effects, game rules, and other game specifications. Make sure your game’s attributes and specifications are not derivatives of any individual or real-life scenarios. You could get sued for copying these characteristics. Provide games with different difficulty levels based on your choice. This will create hype for the users and gamers. Don’t forget to add a piece of interactive and peppy background music. Also, you can create and add different sound effects to enhance the features. Copyright-free music and songs can be acquired from this website called www.freesound.org.

6. Solve minor bugs

Once your app is created, launch a trial run. You will notice minor bugs and problems. Don’t panic and try to fix those bugs. You won’t be able to see these bugs from the backend. But once you can find them, solve those immediately. The final version must be flawless without any significant or minor inconveniences in graphics or sound for the user. Bugs will slow down your app reduce the gaming quality and user experience.

7. Create a UX survey

Before launching the app, it is better to conduct a User Experience survey to an entire audience to get unbiased feedback from a different point of view. You can share it with your colleagues, your family and friends too. Sometimes, it is challenging to receive an honest review. It is better to get help from online beta testers. There are many groups and forums for free online beta testers. Get their real thoughts and work on them. If you feel like you want to change something, go ahead and do the same. The results from the UX survey will give a better understanding of a user’s expectations.

8. Create a Promo video

It is essential to create a good promotional video. This will be the first thing a user will watch before downloading a video. Also, create short and crisp content for descriptions. The promo video can be used as promotional content to share with all social media platforms. The promo video must include all the exciting parts of your game. Some game developers create an interactive and playable ads for different social media platforms and websites. The video must not be too long or detailed. It should be like a small teaser for your game. The promo must tempt the users to download the game.

9. Launch your app

Your app is now ready to be published. Publishing an app in the Apple app requires an iOS developer account of around 99$ per year. Once your app fits all of apple’s rules and regulations, your app is ready to be published in the app store. The app must have a clear and short description, an excellent promotional video, apt keywords, and good screenshots. This will boost the number of downloads and create a positive impact and boost the number of downloads.

10. After launching the app

Once you have launched your application, now’s not the time to chill. Keep track of the number of downloads, user ratings, bugs, problems faced by the users, and comments. You can maintain your users by constantly adding new challenges and new levels to your game. Also, keep updating your app to prevent any malware attacks. Also, keep your user information database securely to avoid any security breaches in the future. Good luck with your app.

These are the ten simple and easy stems to develop apps for iPhone. Follow these to become a game developer with or without a programming background. This is where you are supposed to go. So, hire an iPhone game developer to create iPhone games and apps.